The Coming Antifa Armageddon

Dr. Lively argues that Antifa and the globalists will continue to escalate their campaign of civil unrest and violence and after the election will either face an Armageddon of their own, or bring one upon America and the world. He contends that both of these paths will end badly. However, he suggests a third possibility is the restoration of our Judeo-Christian republic — contingent in significant part on President Trump’s sincerity in claiming to be a Christian.

Scott Lively on the Coming Antifa Armageddon

This could be the video that gets me banned from YouTube, but I put my trust in God and reaffirm my personal commitment to the love of TRUTH above all else. Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life, and I will not give my loyalty to any person, position or philosophy that contradicts Him or His Word.

“Antifa Armageddon” could mean one of two things. Either, that Antifa (and the Marxists) face an imminent political Armageddon against them, or that Antifa will have victory over constitutionalism, and bring a wave of destruction like we’ve never seen. I believe both of these paths would lead to or at least be the herald of the Biblical Armageddon of the end times, over different political terrain, unless Christianity were restored as America’s primary cultural influence.

If the former Antifa Armageddon is “fated,” then we can assume the left’s day of reckoning is drawing near and it won’t be pretty. In any hard-fought war, the hammer of revenge always falls hardest on the losing side’s front-line units – and that’s a lesson that would soon be learned by the Antifa storm-troopers of the hard left.

As a Christian, I don’t believe in revenge because “vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.” But I do believe in Justice and the Rule of Law, which appropriately punish criminal conduct and dismantle systems and structures built for criminal purposes, including the crimes of sedition, treason, and conspiracy to subvert the constitution.

However, the secular populists and conservatives do not operate by the same rules, and like human societies nearly always do, I believe they will “over-correct” past the line of just punishment and pursue a full and harsh accounting until every indignity imposed upon them by decades of political correctness and trampling of conservative values has been avenged.

It would be like Jehu slaughtering the descendants of Ahab and Jezebel as an act of personal will which invalidated his license from God to execute them as an act of justice. That literally brought an “Armageddon” upon the Kingdom of Israel in the Valley of Jezreel (Hosea 1:4-5) that literally prefigures the end-times version.

Politically/culturally we would then trade secular liberalism for secular conservatism in America and the pendulum would swing all the way to the “right,” where the devil operates just as aggressively among corrupt men as he does on the “left.” We would truly trade Communism for Fascism then, just as in 1930s Germany, where both sides were literally dominated by homosexuals (as Kevin Abrams and I thoroughly documented in The Pink Swastika): it was the Femme-Homosexual affiliated Communists against the Butch-Homosexual affiliated Nazis and the devil really didn’t care which side won. Stalin or Hitler, take your choice.

Now, if “Antifa Armageddon” has the latter meaning, then they will, in essence, take down Trump like toppling the Statue of Liberty into New York harbor (which could literally occur!).

Justice has long slumbered in America under the assault of Marxism upon our Constitutional Republic and upon the Judeo-Christian civilization for which America serves as a capstone.

Indeed, America is like a physical monument resting upon the pedestal of Bible-based civilization, and toppling THIS monument IS the ultimate purpose of Antifa and the globalists. If America falls to the Marxists, the world falls with it, and that is why Donald Trump, the symbol of American antiglobalism is the one man who stands in their way.

Trump is, in the political sense, and perhaps the religious sense as well, the “restrainer” of 2 Thessalonians 2, whose removal would be the final barrier to the Antichrist’s last days reign of terror.

This eventuality in November of 2020 would mark the end of our 400 years as a Judeo-Christian Republic (begun in November 1620 with the Pilgrim’s landing at Plymouth, Massachusetts), in direct parallel to the 400 year life-span of the Israelite Republic (which began with Joshua’s entrance into the Holy Land, and ended with the Hebrews demand to become a monarchy instead). (400 – 40×10 – is the ultimate Biblical number related to God’s testing of human character). In this “Antifa Armageddon” scenario, Trump ends his reign as a vanquished hero and is replace by an Antichrist.

In the former scenario, Trump would win but then preside over a post-Republic Empire – the King Saul of the story; an Antichrist figure – IF it were to be learned in retrospect that his pro-Christian speech and actions had all been just cynical opportunism to win evangelical political support, as some allege.

TO BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR I personally still believe Donald Trump is God’s man in the White House and if that is true, there is a third path possible in which America is restored by a return to Christ. That is my hope and prayer.

Thus, the single most disturbing factor in the Donald Trump presidency is his public endorsement of homosexuality, because it casts serious doubt on the sincerity of his self-proclaimed Christianity. If his LGBT support is sincere and he’s attempting to reconcile it with his presumedly sincere Christian faith, it simply reflects bad theology, and that can be forgiven to a point, since we’re all works in progress as far as sanctification and Christian maturity goes.

If instead his LGBT support is insincere and he’s just pandering to the large part of the homosexual community that considers itself politically conservative, that is also understandable to a point. But it’s not excusable, because it reflects the non-Christian view that God will honor political strategy that openly defies His moral code.

Either way, it is a gross error of judgment that implicitly affirms both a core tenet of Marxist ideology and a central social policy of the Antichrist kingdom.

The fate or America, therefore, appears to hang not on the effectiveness of the Antifa/globalists strategy and tactics, nor the form that the coming Antifa Armegeddon will take, but on the truth or falsity of Donald Trump’s Christianity, as challenged by the spiritual litmus test of one’s attitude about the societal normalization of homosexuality.

To understand just how serious an issue this is Biblically, I refer you to my book The Petros Prophecy. And I urge you to pray with me that President Trump be spiritually awakened on this issue before the Antifa Armageddon (of either form) becomes his legacy and our national demise.

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