America’s Day of Decision

Dr. Lively offers a video version of his weekly column, which happens to fall on Election Day. He warns of possibly election day dirty tricks and emphasizes the critical importance of a red wave sufficient to overcome unprecedented levels of Anti-Trump Democrat and RINO cheating. He joins the chorus of constitutionalists insisting that this is the most consequential election in American history, representing a contrast of alternate outcomes more significant than that of the Civil War.

Having done all to stand…now VOTE!!

The days are coming, declares the LORD, when they will no longer say, ‘As surely as the LORD lives, who brought the Israelites up out of the land of Egypt.’ Instead they will say, ‘As surely as the LORD lives, who brought and led the descendants of the house of Israel up out of the land of the north and all the other lands to which He had banished them.’ ” Jeremiah 23:7-8

There has never been an election as consequential as this one. The stakes today can only be truly compared to the rebellion against Great Britain as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Not even the Civil War threatened the United States like the Marxists do today. The worst outcome presented by that conflict was the prospect of two nations instead of one, both claiming and committed to perpetuating the same constitutional republican origins common to both: one freed from the scourge of slavery, the other trending in that direction. But today’s election is the choice to remain a constitutional republic or to trade it for a Marxist state ruled by Socialists and Predatory Corporatists – the China Model created by the Bush and Clinton dynasties and furthered by Obama and Biden.

There has never been a greater champion of our constitutional republic than Donald Trump since the generation of the founders themselves. A man who speaks the truth about the enemies of our nation and its liberties plainly and boldly. A man who has not only kept most of the promises he made while campaigning, but has exceeded them – despite the most aggressive, malicious and relentless campaign to discredit and force him from office ever seen against a president in America.

And there has never been a man more obviously disqualified to lead this nation in all our history than Joe Biden. He is as devious as HW Bush, as sleazy as Bill and Hillary Clinton, and as dishonest and morally corrupt as Barack Obama – none of whom were, as he is, debilitated by rapidly advancing dementia and drowning in multiple emerging heavily documented scandals of the highest criminal import.

Indeed, if it were not for the utterly outrageous and blatant conspiracy to whitewash Joe Biden and demonize Donald Trump by Big Tech, Big Media and the Deep State, Trump would lead the polls 60/40 by now at least.

Big Tech is the new bully on the block and at least has the defense of exercising its “private business” interests – as hypocritical as that argument may be for those who grew their companies on the implied promise of free speech and free networking – (and probably legally actionable based on denials about “shadow banning” and other election interference made under oath to Congress by its leaders).

Big Media, on the other hand – also known as the “legacy media” because of its deep historic role as eyes and ears of the public – relies for its very existence as an industry on the premise that it reports the news to the public honestly and thoroughly. Of course, it’s been a long time since Big Media has been honest and balanced on topics most central to leftist narratives, but they have until Trump always maintained the pretext of impartiality at least, even when such assertions have been ridiculous on their face. Only conservative activists noticed and complained about the bulk of the bias.

Since Trump beat Hillary in ‘16 that pretext has been abandoned, and Big Media has openly campaigned against him for four years, justifying themselves by citing a constantly expanding catalogue of his supposed flaws and “lies.” Their fervency began at a fairly high level and escalated until it passed beyond all reason into abject lunacy, earning the label “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Trump Derangement Syndrome was just a joke traded among conservatives at first, but not any more. It is now recognized by much of the pubic as a defacto psychological pathology. And it may be the only defense the media can muster – “not guilty by reason of insanity” – when this same public demands legislative limitations on the “freedom of the press” in future election cycle. Unless, of course, they manage to “defeat” Trump at the ballot box, in which case Big Media will simply carry on as the Pravda of the Harris/Obama administration (as soon as they can dump Biden via the 25th Amendment).

I have not changed my belief that Trump will win by a landslide bigger than Reagan – of legally-cast votes. But I am also very wary of the massive voter fraud we all know the Democrats are engaged in (as well as the Bush/Lincoln Project RINOs – don’t forget how corrupt those Democrats in Republican clothing really are and that they have innumerable agents in the permanent bureaucracy too).

Increasingly, it seems the Democrats and RINOs are realizing that Trump will win this election despite their cheating. There’s been a lot of hedging being done this past week by those whose livelihoods most depend on predicting outcomes. The more politically astute among the elites, such as the Witch-Queen Nancy Pelosi, have know this for a long time, and that is why they have been setting the stage for violent insurrection by trying to ensure ambiguity in the outcome past November 4th. The best analysis I have seen on that score is by Roger Stone in a brilliant article published on Halloween – MUST reading for constitutionalists because he identifies the leaders running the anti-Trump effort.

There will undoubtedly be election day dirty tricks by all the usual suspects: polling places being closed for sudden Covid outbreaks in key pro-Trump precincts, violence against people standing in line to vote (by Antifa but blamed on White Supremacists), vandalism of polling locations and supplies on the night before, destruction of completed ballots by previously undeclared Never-Trumper election workers, and on and on.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a major terror attack on US soil to … instill terror, and keep everyone at home watching the news instead of voting. The Russian Collusion Hoax, the Impeachment Scam, the Plandemic, the Antifa/BLM riot campaign have proven to us that this election is for all the marbles and the globalist left will do ANYTHING to stop Trump.

We, therefore, must do the ONLY thing that can thwart them. We must generate not just a Red Wave, but a RED TSUNAMI that will drown them (politically speaking) like Pharoah’s armies we crushed by the collapsing flood-waters of the Red Sea. Let NOTHING stop you – and everyone you can drive to the polls – from voting Trump!

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