America Becomes Venezuela Tonight

Dr. Lively predicts that Biden will declare victory today after the Philadelphia ballot stuffing process has fully erased President Trump’s 700K vote victory in Pennsylvania, and that rioting will begin tonight after Trump rightfully refuses to concede. He states plainly what many already recognize: that this multi-stage regime-change scenario has been scripted and executed by the globalist elites’ top agents over the past four years and the stage is now set for what they hope will be the ‘coup de gras’ (the kill shot) — extreme and widespread violence by mobs feigning outrage and accusing Trump of the very lawlessness they have created. The goal is to fully delegitimize the Trump administration to justify their rage and to terrorize the American people into surrendering to the coup. Dr. Lively predicts a period of “darkness before the dawn” but urges “The Deplorables” to keep fighting until the Supreme Court vindicates President Trump by acknowledging the election was invalidated by fraud. And to stand ready to help reestablish law and order when the coup is finally stopped.

Click on the above graphic to watch the video.

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11/7 Update: Biden postpones victory speech after Supreme Court Justice Alito intervenes in Pennsylvania. Planned explosion of violence limited to a single firecracker (I guess the guy was too stoned to check his messages).

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