Our Red Pill Reality in 2020 Hindsight: 5 Steps to Survive the Marxist Purge

Click graphic to watch video. Summary: Dr. Lively says the Marxist revenge against the MAGA movement has begun, and is going to get really ugly, really fast, but offers 5 Steps for Surviving the Marxist Purge.

Our Red Pill Reality in 2020 Hindsight

The Matrix movie has spawned many a political meme on the choice of staying comfortably asleep in a fantasy world where one enjoys free agency and a meaningful role in shaping the future, or awakening to the cruel reality of being an expendable slave to the agenda of a machine designed to control one’s every thought and action. In the film, the protagonist, Neo, is rudely awakened to reality by members of a resistance movement who have broken free from the machine, and, in a meeting with their leader Morpheus, is given the choice to remain free by taking a red pill, or to return to the fantasy dream-state by taking a blue pill. He takes the red pill, and the fight for good (liberty) vs evil (slavery) begins.

Over the past four years, We The People have been Neo, and Donald Trump has been our Morpheus. The MAGA movement chose the red pill. The Dems, Never Trumpers and RINOs chose the blue pill. Today the battle rages on between the MAGA Deplorables and the Machine, but with Morpheus seemingly defeated, and only vaporous QAnon rumors, or the miraculous intervention of God, left to base our hopes for a restored America upon, our collective grasp of reality is being shaken by the Machine’s power to conform human perception to its narratives. Who can we trust and how can know what is real?

I had written and submitted a very different version of this column last night, but this morning I read Joseph Farah’s critically important piece “The night of long knives – tech-style” and I’m rewriting my column in support and in response to it. Please take a moment to read his before you continue with mine.

This election was, as we continuously reminded each other, a winner-take-all battle for control of the nation between hyper-polarized partisans. A post-election purge of the losers was inevitable and we would be happy about it if the purge was removing Marxists from power. However, if we were doing the purging our standards would be truth-based and our tactics honorable and proportionate. Not so with the left. Truth does not matter to the left, only the narratives. And their leaders are by nature malicious, often sadistic people who excel at what Hillary (cynically posing as a victim) called “the politics of personal destruction.” Trust me, I’ve been through their meat grinder. This is going to get really ugly, really fast and last for a long time.

From here on, under their new relentlessly-repeated revisionist narrative, Trump will be the American Hitler and every Deplorable a White Supremacist. In their minds, and to the Blue Pill Public, this will justify their every action against conservative speech, thought, symbol, organization and person. The reprehensible rhetoric and tactics of the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) hate-group will become public policy. BE WARNED: especially in the early stage, any militant bluster or bravado from Trump supports will be characterized as hate-speech and/or sedition. Marxist Brownshirts will look eagerly for people to make examples of. If you doubt me, just ask Adolfo Martinez who is serving sixteen years in prison for the unforgivable crime of burning a “gay pride” flag.

How can the MAGA movement not just survive the purge but emerge from it stronger when it finally wanes? Use your 20/20 hindsight and consider what you would do if you were a Russian Christian during the Bolshevik takeover of 1917.

1) The most important action constitutionalists can take right now is to fully document what really happened over the past four years. The fatal flaws in the Marxist plans are their lies about the election fraud and all of the other dirty tricks and tactics they orchestrated to take down Trump. The left will soon begin to purge the evidence from the public record, so TODAY start getting downloads and screen-shots of everything! Load all digital documentation on off-the-grid external hard drives and store them in EMP-proof containers. Make paper copies of the most important items. If you have skills, create media to disseminate the truth, from one-page bullet-point flyers to feature-length documentary films. If you lack those skills, volunteer in the projects of others.

2) Go low-tech at least part-time from now on. Get a land-line telephone as a back-up communications method. Export all of your electronically-stored data and print it out, especially your contact information with fellow constitutionalists, and start keeping hard-copy paper back-ups of everything important to you. Get back to using the US Postal Service for some of your correspondence so it doesn’t go bankrupt and deprive us of the only truly confidential communications method we have. Start using paper currency more often to counteract the push toward a cash-less society. Start thinking about bartering among your friends and family.

3) Go Natural. Start categorizing the things in your life as either natural or artificial, and adopt the general rule of preferring the natural. The most artificial thing in our lives is the virtual world which the elites want to replace the natural in all things because, as we’re beginning to experience, they can exercise total control over everything in it. It IS the Matrix! As a starting point for breaking free, I offer you my Declaration of the Natural Life Movement (a red pill).

4) Go Underground. In 2019 the Holy Spirit began prompting me to begin preparing to establish a network of “underground” Christian believers and congregations, in the expectation that this final generation leading to the return of Christ would face circumstances similar to what the Christians of the first century endured. I formally launched First Century Bible Church in March of 2020. I believe the current Marxist purge of MAGA members will include the persecution of Christians, and I urge Remnant believers to act accordingly. If you agree, and can accept our model of unity in the essentials, tolerance in all else, you are invited to join or affiliate with FCBC.

5) Join Swamp Rangers. If there remains any chance of saving America (in whole or in part) from Marxist hell, that can only happen from the bottom up through the actions of grass-roots constitutionalists. I formed Swamp Rangers as a ministry of First Century Bible Church to build a national grass-roots network and maximize our combined influence. We officially launched on January 1st and are now accepting members.

Come what may, never give up the fight for truth and liberty! But choose your battles, and your allies, very carefully.

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