The Lively Plan for Reclaiming the Republic

Dr. Lively lays out a simple 4-year plan for the MAGA Movement to both take over the GOP and take back the country from the Dems.

How We Take America Back

I went to bed last night planning to write this article, and, as I sipped my first coffee of the morning read David Kupelian’s superb summary of the cultural, political and spiritual state we’re in. David is one of the last genuine journalists in America and one of the few writers I envy both for his analytical and writing skills and his productivity. He has again “nailed it” and shown why WND deserves the strongest level of support the constitutionalist remnant in America is capable of providing. We’ll need to zealously protect our supply lines of truthful news coverage and commentary through the emerging season of Maoist “cleansing” and “reeducation,” and WND – which literally pioneered Internet news coverage from a conservative perspective — should be at the top of our priority list.

In my last article I offered 5 Steps for Surviving the Marxist Purge. It outlines a short-term defensive strategy for protecting our community from a tidal wave of leftist wrath and vengeance. My focus today is on the specific actions We the People must take to reclaim cultural dominance and restore the infrastructure of our republic after that wave has begun to subside. Much preparation can be done in the interim.

My plan rests on the powerful truth that even some on the left are beginning to acknowledge as they pivot from their 4-year anti-Trump coup toward the task of destroying the MAGA movement: that Donald Trump did not create “Trumpism” – Trumpism (going all the way back to the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s, and exploding into a global populist counter-insurgency during the poisonous Obama presidency) created him. He will rightfully remain our Commander in Chief, but as we patriots transition to the new reality of being an American version of the French Resistance under the Nazis, we should embrace the greater individual and tribal autonomy, and the greater moral authority and exigency it offers us.

Calls for “unity” (meaning submission to the triumphant Marxist usurpers who have captured the White House and Congress by fraud and violence) are an insult to intelligence and vile mockery of every American who has ever shed blood in the cause of liberty. The second American Revolution has begun, just as the first one began two and half centuries ago, and just as the Christian church began two millennia ago: under aggressive occupation by an evil regime determined to crush us. And even as we must undermine, sabotage and otherwise resist it’s inhuman agenda, we must organize and implement a plan to overthrow and replace it. The Biden/Pelosi/Schumer Nazis and their Vichy boot-lickers in the GOP will call this “sedition,” but a government must first be legitimate before it can claim a right to defend its existence.

My simple plan, detailed below, is the fruit of more than thirty years of Christian social and political activism, including my early years running ballot-measure campaigns and more recently two runs for Governor of Massachusetts, balancing the aspirations of Christianity with the realities of politics, and (just as America’s Founders did) drawing heavily upon the wisdom of the Old Testament (tempered but not invalidated by the New Testament), where most of the Lord’s guidance on dealing with political matters is found.

My political philosophy is called RESET – Run Every Seat, Every Time. It is perfect for the MAGA Movement. We throw out the professional “campaign consultant” playbook, which focuses on public relations and forcing candidates to compromise on their principles to minimize media criticism. We reject turf-protecting efforts by the GOP establishment to push MAGA candidates out of the process on the grounds that “they can’t win” and instead make it our goal to “move the ball down the field as far as possible in every game on every play,” build an army of brave patriots with hands-on experience in campaigning, and educate the electorate on the reasons true constitutionalism is better than Marxism.

It’s a win/win strategy whether we take the seats the first time or not. Starting immediately in the 2021 off-year municipal elections, we send hundreds of willing patriots into the political arena to force the other side to spend money and defend their crazy positions and conduct to the voters, and to maximize our chance to win some races even if it’s just because we’re there when the opponent self-destructs or resigns due to scandals. We make especially sure that every RINO everywhere is primaried every time and that the establishment learns this will be their “new normal” until they surrender to MAGA control.

The plan is this:

1) We focus on organizing our people into a national grassroots network in 2021 and 22 (I’ve started my own model for this called Swamp Rangers) with emphasis on local and state politics.

2) We set our sights on MAGA control of 3/4 of the states, emphasizing the issue of election integrity in every state, and also taking back control of the House of Representatives in 2022, making every race a referendum on election integrity.

3) In 2023 we use our control of the state legislatures to convene a Convention of States per Article 5, Option 2, to strip the federal government of powers we did not delegate to it, restore the parts of the constitution that the left has neutralized over the past century, add new amendments for a balanced budget, term limits and election integrity, and strip the Supreme Court of power to thwart the will of We the People as established by this convention.

4). With constitutional originalism and limitations on federal power restored, we take back the Congress and the Presidency in 2024.

The centerpiece of this plan is the Article 5 Convention of States, which conservatives should not confuse with the “runaway Constitutional Convention of 1787″ when this nation was called the “Confederation of States,” not the “United States.” No Article 5 Convention of States has ever been held, but the option can be assumed to be a safe process since it was deliberately adopted by the Founders in 1789 as a part of the brand new United States Constitution, which was written by the Founders specifically to fix the problems raised in and by 1787 event when those problems were still fresh in their minds.

Now that the entire federal government has been hijacked by the left, the genius of the founders in including a Convention of States in Article 5 is now made clear. As Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist 85, it’s purpose was to provide a mechanism to “erect barriers against the encroachments of the national authority.” The Marxists now have absolute top-down authority that will be impossible to break by traditional means. But the Founders gave us a back-door to solve this very problem. My plan is to use it to the fullest to restore citizen controls from the bottom up.

(This article has been corrected based upon a reader comment pointing out the distinction between the oft-condemned Constitutional Convention or “ConCon” of 1787 and the “Convention of States” option of Article 5, which has never been used since the adoption of the United States Constitution in 1789.)

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