The Once and Future Sodom

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The Incineration of Sodom

Leviticus 18:21And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech… 22Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

There is nothing new under the sun, said King Solomon, who knew from whence he spoke, having departed so far from righteousness in his later years that he instituted Canaanite demon worship on the Mount of Olives (1 Kings 11) that lasted 300 years, until righteous King Josiah ended the practice by, in part, “breaking down the houses of the Sodomites that were by the Temple, where the women wove hangings for Asherah” (2 Kings 23). The Asherah, or Asherim, were huge phallic poles, often carved from oak trees, that adorned the “high places” where Baal and Ashtereth were worshiped through male and female cult prostitution and the sacrifice of children (who were roasted alive). Solomon lost his regency – for himself and all his posterity – for that idolatry and David’s United Kingdom was split in two, because there are some things that Our God – so longsuffering in so many ways – will not tolerate. Chief on the list is Canaanite demon worship, which has always been characterized by extreme sexual deviance and child murder. Abortion. LGBT perversions. There is nothing new under the sun.

Our great grandparents, no matter where they might have migrated from across the world, shared the universal condemnation of “the love that dares not speak its name.” Even as late as the 1950s homosexuality was so utterly reviled as a form of sexual deviance, that it could not be mentioned “in polite company” and thus the absolute primacy of the marriage-based natural family was secure as the foundation and framework of mainstream society.

It was the rise of Marxism that changed everything. Karl Marx and Frederick Engles were themselves hostile to the then-underground homosexual movement. And for its entire history Soviet Communism also thoroughly shunned homosexual practices due to their social destructiveness. But because its ultimate goal has always been the overthrow of Judeo-Christian civilization, and because (Torah-faithful) Jewish insistence on heterosexual monogamy has always been the foundation of that civilization (affirmed most militantly in the Maccabbean overthrow of Antiochus IV Epiphanes in 164BC), it was unsurprising that the greater Marxist Movement would eventually use homosexual activists to stir up “sexual revolution” to topple our civilization from within (just as the magician Balaam advised Moabite King Balak to do to the Israelites in Numbers 25). There is nothing new under the sun.

And so it became standard Soviet policy to foment sexual revolution in all the countries of the West (but never in Russia). And their chief agents were homosexuals, for whom “sexual revolution” meant “liberation” from what Herbert Marcuse called “the repressive order of procreative sexuality.” It was no accident, therefore, that the “Father of the American Gay Movement” was Harry Hay, a long-time teacher of Marxism before he founded the Mattachine Society in 1950.

Now, Germany needed no external manipulation to embrace “sexual revolution,” being the homeland of the “Grandfather of the Modern Gay Movement,” Karl Ulrichs. I’ve addressed that in a prior article. And England, whose “elites” were enamored of envelope-pushing “gay” Dandies like Oscar Wilde (author of the “dare not” quote above) needed no heavy arm-twisting either. But “provincial” America did. And thus we became the target of a multi-faceted social engineering campaign that has succeeded far beyond Oscar’s wildest dreams.

That campaign has always been “progressive” in the sense that LGBT is not a “coalition of sexual minorities” but a set of steps in the dismantling of heterosexual normalcy.

Indeed, the whole concept of “sexual minorities” is a Marxist invention – a component of “Queer Theory.” In self-evident reality, all human beings are, genetically, binary heterosexual beings capable of voluntarily engaging in any form of sexual deviance. It is the spiritual and emotional nature of sexual deviance to capture one’s sense of identity as a sexual person in a process I believe is related to human brain chemistry associated with sexual climax, producing in the human psyche something akin to the phenomenon of “imprinting” in birds. I’ll never forget learning that lesson from my ex-“gay” friend Sonny (whom my wife and I nursed through late-stage AIDS in our home until his death). He was raped by a man in the bathroom of a YMCA at seven years old, and forever after fought the fetish of seeking sex combined with the smell of urine.

Remember that all “sexual orientations” are defined by personal self-identification, not objective physiological criteria, so emotionalism and ideology play a huge role in the process, which is why socially-approved and government-sponsored LGBT propaganda to children is uniquely dangerous. And is the reason I always warn that “gay recruitment” of kids is more about encouraging them to experiment homosexually with each other than it is adult molestations of kids (which also is far more prevalent than the media will report). That’s why they always add Q (for “questioning”) to “LGBT:” it is a marketing strategy.

Lesbianism is the easiest to sell to the public, since it gets the least resistance from men because it has always been a staple of modern porn. Male homosexuality is a tougher sell but they forced it on us gradually over decades. “Bisexuality” is really about finally abandoning the pretext that homosexuals are “born that way” and shifting back to their original argument (soundly defeated during the conservative Reagan Revolution) that all sexuality is a matter of personal choice which society has no right to regulate. We’re there now in the rapid rise of “polyamory,” just another name for bisexuality, but in groups. Transgenderism is the cutting edge and isn’t really about sexuality at all but an attack on genetic determinism designed to prepare the younger generations for “transhumanism” through which human beings use genetic manipulation, robotics and AI to create “superior,” ultimately “immortal,” forms of ourselves. (The very thing God expelled us from the Garden of Eden to prevent).

Sodom is the ultimate symbol of rebellion against God, triggering His wrath. And it is the symbol used to define the Antichrist Kingdom in the Book of Revelation. Sodomy is the behavior associated with both Noah’s Flood (according to the Talmud) and the coming (perhaps emerging) Age of Apostasy (according to Paul). It is never condoned or minimized in Scripture, but mandatory Christian acceptance/celebration of it has become the world’s rigidly inflexible measure of “goodness” in pastors and churches. But should we really be surprised? There truly is nothing new under the sun – only the choice every generation must make: whether to obey God or defy Him and reap the consequences accordingly.

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