The Year of Living Slavishly

It’s all about the kids

It was right about a year ago that America began seriously locking down to “flatten the curve” of Covid 19 infections as computer models projected a massive death toll and a terrifying tsunami of hospitalizations certain to overwhelm our health care system. Those projections would prove to be outrageously overstated. And the “flatten the curve” narrative would prove to be just a pretext for shutting down small businesses from coast to coast (while enriching the multi-national corporations in league with the Marxist elite) to crash the Trump economy and justify unprecedented anti-Trump changes to election policies and practices.

We’ve since learned that the death stats were consistently, deliberately inflated to maximize public panic, and when enough data had been accumulated to supersede the computer models, the actual proven data showed a better than 95% recovery rate even for octogenarians in bad health (and a better than 99.9% survival rate for young people), so the powers and principalities of public health then shifted their fear-mongering focus to “active cases” and stopped reporting death stats. It was always about creating and sustaining a climate of anxiety and social isolation.

Along with the lockdowns came global government-enforced Mask Mandates: a cynical and totally unwarranted tactic for engendering the psychological submission of the common people. The refusal by some US States to impose these mandates has given us proof in the form of actual health stats that there is NO benefit to mask-wearing. But elites respond with “What of it? Shut up and get in line.” Nothing must disturb their dominance and our submission.

And it’s working. Even as mandates have been lifted by some conservative governors, the vast majority of people continue to voluntarily wear them. Most disturbingly, as I have personally observed, the people most likely NOT to go mask-less are children and young adults. For them, mask-slavery is the new normal and they’ve accepted it – even though CDC stats show pediatric mortality “from Covid 19″ is roughly half of the annual average for deaths from the flu (roughly 200 vs 400 – and that’s not factoring in the politically-motivated presumed inflation of Covid numbers).

Meanwhile, we’re learning more and more about the manslaughter of the elderly in nursing homes by eugenics-minded far-left governors who deliberately sent infected Covid 19 patients into their facilities. One might be tempted to theorize that Covid 19 was deliberately engineered to kill off the elderly while preserving the more propaganda-susceptible young people.

In our well-justified outrage about the suppression of conservative speech and networking on social media platforms we’ve missed the larger purpose of it, which is to insulate the young people from ideas and data that contradict the narratives of the elites. The elites couldn’t care less about what we Boomers and older Gen Xers think or say to each other, and know they’re not going to teach us old dogs any new tricks: they care only about the generations that will replace us, and populate their brave new world of utopian transhumanism. Even the propaganda about “re-educating” Trump supporters is really only about stigmatizing us in the minds of the youth as dangerous crazies they should shun.

As we get further in time from the 2020 election, we can see that all of this evil nonsense has been done with a larger goal than defeating Trump. It is about implementing the United Nations “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” adopted in 2015 through the orchestration of Barack Obama and Pope Francis (who launched the plan with a speech at UN HQ in NYC). In furtherance of that goal, the Plandemic has set the stage for the “Great Reset” (which could be triggered at any time with a global economic collapse), intended to destroy once and for all the “Old Normal” (Judeo-Christian civilization) that we Boomers were the last generation to enjoy as children.

In just the past couple of weeks the global public-heath tyrants began a new wave of lockdowns in Europe, and here at home “Dr. Fausti” (his namesake being famous for making a pact with the devil) is pushing a continuation of mask mandates for another 2-3 years. The authorities waited until their so-called vaccines had been rolled out and injected into millions of people before telling us that even the “vaccines” would not eliminate the mask requirements. Another bait and switch. Now they’re pushing hard for making travel and other basic human privileges conditional on holding a “Vaccine Passport.”

All of our hopes for “going back to normal” in 2021 are being dashed, while we are being forced into greater and greater dependency on government. The Year of Living Slavishly is being extended — despite populist demands.

“How shall we then live?” asked Peter rhetorically. We live the way the first century believers did under Roman military occupation. We make our families and local congregations the center of our lives. We develop methods of coping with unfolding events that do not involve compromise: living IN the world but not OF the world.

But perhaps more importantly, how shall we protect the younger generations from the evils we Boomers see so clearly, but they see only hints of due to the “strong delusions” that have shaped their worldview since infancy? We learn to specialize in using the self-evident witness of God’s natural world to undermine the delusions of the artificial world. We teach them about the birds and the bees – literally. We see that our grandchildren spend some time on working farms (family farms, not agribusiness). We do nature walks. We stand with them on the shoreline and look up at the star-filled sky as we talk about the reality of God. We collectively start promoting the conservation of the natural family as a social responsibility in the way environmentalists have successfully done to protect rain forests and tide pools, and to improve air and water quality.

We use the lessons from our Year of Living Slavishly to start conversations about what freedom really is, and use the self-evident truths of Creation to help introduce them to the Creator, Jesus Christ: “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.” And that truth in turn will give them hope for surviving the very tough days that lie ahead as we wait for His return to break ALL the chains now being forged by these temporary slave-masters.

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