Who is Really Behind the “White Supremacy” Narrative?

If anyone had any doubts about the far-left agenda of Biden AG Merrick Garland or his willingness to lie to advance it, those doubts should have been put to bed this week when Garland declared “the top domestic extremist threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, specifically those who advocate for the superiority of the white race.”

That’s a lie so baseless and so outrageous that it’s scary, because only those who believe their power is so complete they can openly lie with impunity — or are clinically delusional – would assert it. After watching this same team steal the presidency through blatant voter fraud, made possible by an orchestrated pandemic in cooperation with Communist China and the now fully debunked but not discarded Russian Collusion Hoax (for which no one has been held accountable), I conclude it’s the former. The co-conspirators are so powerful, and have gotten away with so much already, that they believe themselves untouchable.

That’s especially concerning as we watch a true threat to their power emerging from the impressive Arizona forensic election audit, and the promised “freight train” of other audits to come, while the MAGA movement begins its post-lockdown re-emergence. Because people that corrupt and that powerful are capable of doing almost anything to protect themselves from accountability: from collapsing the global economy, to starting a major war, to staging false-flag domestic terrorism to blame on “White Supremacists.”

Garland has made the third option seem most likely. If so, the Obama/Clinton/Biden team has reason to believe it could work again after their huge success with that strategy in their test-run at Charlottesville, which I believe was their model for January 6th , complete with Antifa (and probably government) infiltrators posing as MAGA patriots, in cooperation with corrupt local cops and media. Bolstering that likelihood is the smug “Hollywood scriptwriter” mentality behind all the leftist head-fakes, false-flags and cover-ups since the start of the Obama/Clinton/Biden era: Benghazi (the Hillary-staged fake hostage crisis gone horribly wrong), the Seth Rich fake-robbery assassination, the Smollet hate-hoax and the GretchenWhitmer “thwarted (purported) kidnaping” being a few of the more obvious.

But my main purpose in this article is to identify what I believe is the hidden hand behind the “White Supremacy” narrative that has become the centerpiece of the leftist strategy, driving everything from the BLM riots, to the Critical Race Theory blitzkrieg in the schools, to the orchestrated tidal wave of “Wokeness” in the business world, to the ideological defilement of professional sports, to the raft of overtly racist Biden executive orders thankfully being struck down by the courts.

There is only one group in America that has owned the Anti-White Supremacy brand since its far-left founder Morris Dees leveraged the mailing list of the George McGovern Presidential Campaign of 1972 into one of the most lucrative fundraising machines in American history: the Southern Poverty Law Center or SPLC. The reprobate and highly controversial Dees was fired from his own organization in 2019, followed shortly by SPLC President Richard Cohen (under accusations of sexual harassment), who was replaced by high-level Amnesty International executive, Margaret Huang – perhaps best known in conservative circles for her vigorous defense (as SPLC President) of the de-platforming of President Trump from social media for “racism.”

In the interest of full disclosure I have a personal beef with the SPLC, being one of the very first people added to its “hate groups” list when then-president Richard Cohen launched a new fund-raising arm pursuing wealthy LGBT donors when I was high on the list of people hated by LGBTs for co-authoring The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party. https://www.scottlively.net/scott-lively-books/the-pink-swastika/ (Cohen was reportedly a homosexual himself, though I could never document that due to the Internet-wide shield-wall he was protected behind while eagerly serving up every SPLC target to the most malign public character assassination possible.)

But going after “White Supremacists” has always been the SPLC’s primary cash cow, even as the never-very-large supply of legitimate targets to fundraise against dwindled down to double digits with decreasing zeal for the cause. SPLC took down the most famous of the bunch decades ago, the Neo-Nazi Tom Metzger, whose Neo-Nazi Skinhead follower Ken “Death” Mieske (a “gay” male prostitute) and two others beat Ethiopian graduate student Mulugeta Seraw to death on the streets of Portland, Oregon in 1988, just a few blocks from where I was then living.

I went after the SPLC in 2014 for its hypocrisy in covering up Mieske’s homosexuality and his deep history in Portland’s powerful “gay” subculture (including a close relationship with the homosexual film-maker Gus Van Sant) when they were attacking me as a dangerous crackpot for linking homosexuality and Nazism in The Pink Swastika. I think it is likely that homosexuality was the basis for the Metzger/Mieske relationship, but even if not, Mieske was without question a “gay” Nazi.

It deserved mention here that the most infamous Nazi incident in American history, the Nazi March of June 24, 1978, (intended for a Jewish neighborhood of Holocaust survivors in Skokie, Illinois, but which took place in Chicago, instead) was led by homosexual Nazi Frank Collin, who later went to prison for sex with teenage boys (facts we documented in The Pink Swastika). ABC News conveniently omitted that fact when featuring Skokie in a major propaganda piece to falsely paint Charlottesville as a Trump-era version of that sordid event
And I don’t think the SPLC ever told the truth about Frank Collin either.

The point here is that the SPLC has been the go-to leftist “authority” on white supremacy since the 1970s, and it is impossible to imagine that their team of lying, manipulative social engineers are not dead-center in the Obama/Clinton/Biden conspiracy against the MAGA movement and in shaping and driving the narrative that is redefining “white supremacy” to include just about anything politically conservative White people do. Their hate and deceit should be investigated and exposed with all the vigor that the conservative media and the MAGA movement can bring to bear.

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