A Democracy of Useful Idiots

I was once a useful idiot but intense persecution by the LGBTs cured me of my fear of bucking propaganda narratives and let me see behind the curtain of the elites. There is no shame in being a “useful idiot” on an issue unless you remain one after learning the truth.

How do the agents of tyranny win in a democratic society? They convince a majority of the voters to voluntarily choose the path to slavery (and ensure that enough dead people vote to guarantee a “majority” whenever it’s close). The process always requires substantial control of public information by the tyrants to steer public opinion, and usually involves, as a motivator, either a great existential social crisis or a war against great evil. We Americans have been subjected to both motivators, back to back. The tyrants started with the Plandemic as cover for an unprecedented election fraud campaign to wrest the White House away from President Trump (and roll back his accomplishments), and then they shifted smoothly from Covid to Ukraine.

In that process, the percentage of “useful idiots” in the population – meaning those who accept the propaganda narrative and side with the tyrants against their own interests – grew exponentially. Many of the same people who opposed the tyrants on Covid tyranny let themselves be suckered into joining these same puppet-masters against a new threat: Vladimir Putin and the Russians.

“This is different,” the newly captivated crowd reasons, “because we already agree that Putin and Russia represent great evil.” They don’t remember that the elites’ one-sided anti-Russian narrative long-predates the Plandemic, going back to the start of Cold War II in 2013. That’s what makes useful idiots easy to dupe – they lack historical perspective and tend to follow the path of social trends, even when they nominally oppose those trends. This is why the “conservative” movement has always moved continually leftward about three steps behind the “progressives:” a phenomenon exemplified by present attitudes favoring the “progressive” social priority of “gay marriage,” even by many who still (for now) vigorously fight “transgenderism.”

Only a useful idiot would fail to see that “gay marriage” and “transgenderism” are the exact SAME AGENDA wearing different clothes. Only a useful idiot would fail to question anti-Russian war propaganda when there has been ZERO public debate on its veracity combined with unprecedented censorship of dissenting voices – far beyond what they did with Covid and election fraud. And when the strongest evidence steering public opinion on Russia and Ukraine comes from the enemy-of-the-people TV networks – the top global masters of manipulation! As an antidote I suggest this article which I have dubbed “The Ivermectin of Analyses on Ukraine” and its sequel .

What defines a “useful idiot?” It’s more than simply working against your own interests, it is working FOR the elites in the pursuit of THEIR agenda. And what, ultimately, is their agenda? It us the enslavement of mankind: the Satanic agenda first seen under Nimrod and active in the world ever since. Another category of useful idiots may be triggered by this – those who reject or compromise Biblical truth in favor of the materialist counterfeit worldview of the elites. The first tenet of Marxism has always been Atheism, enforced by mockery.

Embarrassment among some Christians about spiritual truths like the existence and work of Satan is a poisonous fruit of that mockery. Worse, many self-declared “non-religious” people are simply cowards who choose “agnosticism” to avoid ridicule. Both groups serve the elites agenda through passivity.

What is the opposite of the elites’ agenda? It is self-determination under God. God’s agenda for us is ordered liberty within the parameters of His just laws. His example was the Israelite Republic under Joshua and the Judges, which America’s Founders recreated in a modern form.

Self-determination is the very heart of the battle for liberty we now face. Self determination is the right and power to choose what we inject into our bodies or wear on our face. It is the right and power to choose our own government through a secure and honest election process. It is the right and power to decide whether to break away from a government we no longer trust or control and establish our own new government. That’s how we became a nation, triggering our War of Independence against the British. And that is how the Russian-speaking people of the Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk exercised their own self-determination, triggering their current war (backed by Russia) against the British and Americans (NATO). Vladimir Putin explained the Russian perspective on that this week in his joint press conference with the Secretary General of the UN. Here is the transcript that our own corrupt government doesn’t want you to read.

Ironically and cynically, our “progressive” opponents in the culture war – the ones most thoroughly indoctrinated in the elites narratives and most dedicated to its goals – exploit the CONCEPT of self-determination and appeal to it in the battle for “transgender rights.” The core of their argument to the public is that even (especially!) children have the right to self-determination to choose their “sexual orientation and gender identity.” But it’s only a one-way street, because these same groomers violently insist that once children have self-declared as homosexuals and transgenders, they have NO right of self-determination to recant and reorient to a normal binary, heterosexual identity. Even while these sick perverts are manipulating vulnerable kindergartners into “coming out” as “gay” or “tranny” – in captive-audience pressure sessions that would put time-share salesmen to shame – their LGBT movement is working aggressively to ban “conversion therapy” worldwide.

And likewise, the Biden/Bush/Clinton/Obama/Soros Empire of Lies driving us headlong into WWIII exploits the concept of self-determination in framing their globalist agenda as a “fight to preserve democracy.” Ha! If our founders knew that “democracy” would come to be defined by abortion, sodomy, genital mutilation, anti-white racism, censorship of unapproved viewpoints, economic slavery to a corporatist oligarchy, dissolution of our national boundaries, science-denying medical tyranny, and the destruction of the natural family they would have laid down their guns at Lexington and stuck with British common law.

Truth be told, America was never intended to be a Democracy but a Republic which features a democratic process for electing representatives with limited delegated powers, subject to the people. But our Republic was stolen from us in the coup of 2020, by the same people who staged the Ukraine coup in 2014, setting the Russia/Ukraine war in motion.

By the grace of God we MAY start to claw back our Republic in 2022: “MAY” because nothing is guaranteed when fighting people who are willing to start WWIII to kill our momentum (and perhaps even stage a false flag to lock us down again under martial law as the election nears).

But as of now, thanks to the elites’ skillfulness in deceit and manipulation, we have a Democracy of Useful Idiots.


I had already written and submitted the above article to WND when I found the above video linked from Revolver News. As you may know, I am text oriented and don’t watch many videos, but I watched the entire hour of Col Black’s testimony with rapt attention. I’ve ever encountered such candor and authentic patriotism in my life. This man’s knowledge, wisdom and bravery in speaking these dangerous truths at this moment of burgeoning fascism under the Biden/Obama regime is truly inspirational. I strongly urge you to watch this before it is removed by the censors.

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