The LGBT Agenda is Worse than just Grooming

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“The groomer doth protest too much, methinks!”
Queen Gertrude, in Hamlet, by William Shakespeare (paraphrased).

One of the first things I learned as a newly minted pro-family activist in the late 1980s was that the closer one hits the mark in stating truths unfavorable to the LGBT cause, the more vocal and violent is their outrage. I noticed it first regarding public comments pointing out the obvious, factual association of AIDS with sodomy: extreme, rend-your-garments level over-reaction. I observed it again in response to my book The Pink Swastika thoroughly documenting the homosexual roots of the Nazi Party. The fury that unleashed was like kicking a hornets nest. But the most violent LGBT reactions have always been triggered by exposing their homosexual recruitment of children. The whole world has watched the left’s immediate full-throated all-hands-on-deck counter-attack in support of Disney and public school grooming policies after Governor DeSantis exposed them.

So, Precept #1 is this: Regarding facts which threaten the LGBT agenda, the more consequential the truth being told, the more anguished the LGBT screams.

Unfortunately, Precept #2 is this: That tactic actually works by triggering a primal “rescue the victim” impulse in fellow humans. This is the reason that women (the softer hearted sex) in general, and liberal women (and girly men) in particular are the most susceptible to LGBT propaganda, and frankly to all appeals to “victim-hood” (except the actual victim-hood of unborn babies which is suppressed at all costs behind obscurantist euphemisms). If a group can plausibly define themselves as a victim-class, the liberals will support them even to the point of excusing rioting and murder against their “oppressors” (e.g. Black Lives Matter). It’s not rational, but it’s a real thing, and it is central to Marxist strategy.

Have you seen ANY public discussion on the still sky-high correlation of AIDS and receptive anal intercourse since the 1980s? Have you seen ANY public debate on the heavily documented homosexual roots of the Nazi Party EVER? Have you seen the media admit the existence of an LGBT “agenda” EVER? The proof is in the pudding. LGBT tantrums have worked spectacularly to suppress truths they don’t want discussed.

“We’re the victims, here!” wail the teachers and administrators whose elementary school grooming tactics and agenda are now being systematically exposed to a nation of shocked and angry parents. Even more insidiously, these groomers and their powerful network of defenders are adding “These children are victims! – of systemic societal and parental ignorance and bigotry.”

These upside-down arguments are literally Diabolical – a tactic of Diablo, the Devil, who always calls good evil and evil good. These children ARE victims, but victims of the sexual deviants our society has allowed to infiltrate and commandeer every major social institution we have.

Let’s talk about how grooming works as a practical matter. Grooming is roughly synonymous with recruiting. We don’t use the word “recruiting” related to the homosexual movement, because of LGBT tantrums in the 1980s and 90s. It’s a forbidden term. But’s it’s a more accurate term. Grooming is associated almost exclusively with pedophilia, but even in the LGBT community, pedophiles are a minority. Proportionally the percentage of pedophiles is much higher among LGBTs than in the larger society, especially among homosexual men. Pederasy, or sex between adult men and pubescent boys, is a sub-category of pedophilia and has been the core of male homosexual culture going back even before the Greeks of Plato’s time. It was a defining characteristic of the early Nazi Brownshirts, and is the common denominator in the few homosexual crimes that still make the news these days. Harvey Milk, Jim Jones (of Jonestown), Obama bundler (and Human Rights Campaign founder) Terry Bean, Portland Mayor Sam Adams, Seattle Mayor Ed Murphy, Kevin Spacey, recently convicted Ed Buck, Obama “Safe Schools Czar” and GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings, and most of the founders of the American LGBT movement going all the way back to the 1920s are proven or plausibly accused pederasts.

And yet, homosexual pedophiles are definitely NOT the majority of LGBTs, especially when you include lesbians, whose sexual attraction to minors is much less common than among men, in my observation.

Focusing only on the pedophile aspect of recruiting blinds us to the bigger and more dangerous phenomenon. The LGBT pedophile is focused only on satisfying their own perverse sexual cravings which are, of course, terrible crimes that must be prevented if possible, and harshly punished if not. But it is limited to just those children they get their hands on through grooming. The much larger agenda of the long-term LGBT vision is to recruit ALL the children into the ideology of sexual anarchy in which there are no boundaries to sexual conduct, and in which homosexual experimentation with EACH OTHER is the means to determine one’s own “sexual identity.” And given that one’s first sexual climax is the human psychological equivalent to “imprinting” among birds, the percentage of children who then decide they are “gay” grows (and has grown) exponentially.

What the LGBT movement wants, and has largely achieved, is total cultural and political hegemony. The “sexual revolution” has been their vehicle, which they, not their heterosexual co-conspirators, have been driving all along. And the final phase of that century-long plan is the wholesale recruitment of our children and grandchildren into their movement as the final victim class, fighting the “oppressive” older generations to win their right to sexual self-determination, meaning the right to indulge in any fantasy in the realm of sexual anarchy, and to punish those who get in their way. Got that, “Boomer?”

We started losing this war back in the 1980s when we accepted the false premise that “discrimination” against sexual perversion is “morally wrong.” That flipped logic on its head and essentially criminalized Biblical values on sex and family. If you legally can’t discriminate against something, you make it impossible to stop. The LGBT stranglehold on the teachers unions (and every other arm of leftism) is living proof. The inertia of “traditional values” ensured that resistance to their agenda would continue on a steadily declining scale as propagandized youth replaced traditionalist elders, but now the left believes it is so close to making our dissent irrelevant, they’ve dropped their pretense and broken out in a mad dash for the finish line.

HOWEVER, the good news in this analysis is that Trump and the MAGA movement have proved that we still have a sizable traditionalist majority, no matter what the lying media wants us to believe. And ironically, that majority is actually growing larger with every illegal alien the Democrats lure across the border. (They may be invaders, but they’re mostly pro-family invaders. God has a sense of humor.)

Our new anti-grooming battlefront is starting to drain the LGBT swamp like I never thought would happen. Parents are taking back school boards and big corporations are rethinking their “wokeness” as Disney stock is plummeting. The entire left is screeching like banshees that “grooming” is a lie, proving that we’re precisely on target.

It is time to remember Precept #3: Half-Measures Can Not Defeat an Implacable Foe. This culture-war is a zero-sum game. It’s like the fight against cancer in your body. You won’t truly be well until the cancer is purged. The cancer is the agenda, not the people. The people are salvageable. The LGBT ideology, on the other hand, is demonic and thus irredeemable.

As this liberation campaign picks up steam, let’s determine to take back ALL the ground and fully restore God’s standards on sex and family that blessed our nation for so many generations. THAT, more than any other factor, would truly make America great again. And let’s not stop this time, just because they scream.

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