The Groomer’s Road-MAP to Hell on Earth

These two photos capture the dark irony of the Groomer crisis in America. Above, elite leftist Ed Murray bans reparative therapy for children who want to overcome same-sex attraction disorder. Below, just one year later, “Minor Attracted Person” (MAP) Murray is exposed as a pedophile. Click on either picture to watch Dr. Lively’s Prophecy and Politics show on the theme of this article: The Normalization of Pedophilic Orientation.

Under the politically tailored theory of “sexual orientation,” human sexuality is not defined by DNA-fixed male/female physiology, but by each person’s subjective perceptions about their own sexual interests. If a person is sexually attracted to someone of the same sex, they are “homosexual.” If they are attracted to both sexes they are “bisexual.” Only if they are exclusively attracted to the opposite sex are they deemed “heterosexual.”

Sexual orientation theory was an audacious reinvention of sexuality that transplanted it from the trustworthy solid ground of biology to the malleable shifting sands of psychology and sociology. It discarded hard science in favor of the soft sciences as a purely tactical move to serve the goal of social engineering. The transition began not with the question of “what is true about human sexuality?” but “how can we make science conform to our political agenda?”

One glaring flaw in this tactic was its obvious implications for the normalization of ALL forms of sexual deviance. If one’s sexual identity truly is defined by the object of one’s sexual interest, then pedophilia, bestiality and the entire spectrum of deviant fetishes are logically also sexual orientations. That fact itself wasn’t the flaw – they intended to normalize all these orientations in due time – but it had to be done slowly and incrementally so as not to awaken the host. The “flaw” was logic itself. The solution was to baldly declare there were only three “orientations” and suppress/ignore all further inquiry. The complicit media and academics dutifully accepted the new “science” and never asked why “sexual orientation” was not actually defined in the new laws beyond simply listing its three-orientation parameters.

(If you recognize this same strategic game plan of denying reality to serve a narrative in the COVID-19 plandemic, election fraud campaigns and attacks on freedom of speech, now you know who perfected it and why their agents – including many Trojan Horses in the conservative movement such as “Gays against Groomers” – are prominent in every aspect of the rising tyranny. The Gays ARE the Groomers every time they publicly claim that same-sex attraction disorder, or SSAD, is good and normal.)

The prerequisite for normalizing pedophilia, etc., was getting past the final political and legal barrier to fully normalizing homosexuality, which was accomplished in the corrupt Obergefell v. Hodges “gay marriage” ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. Why was that necessary? Because the LGBT “community” has always been the elite’s army of conquest for destroying Judeo-Christian civilization, and only when that army was fully inside the walls of the city – accepted by the population like the Greek’s gift to Troy – could the cultural/theological slaughter be completed. Only then could the transgenderism phase of the operation – the T in LGBT – begin in earnest. The goal and purpose of transgenderism is the intellectual and spiritual enslavement of the youth through whom the new global order will be established.

The key to their enslavement is extinguishing in the younger generations the recognition of the normalcy of natural binary sexuality and to invalidate the moral guidelines associated with it. Once the notion that human beings are created male and female in God’s image (with attendant rights and duties) is deemed a myth in the consensus of the youth, nothing can stop the rise of total sexual anarchy.

And ironically, only in that climate of chaos and its horrific, unavoidable “Days of Noah” consequences, will that generation be persuaded that their only recourse is to create a better version of human being to replace humanity – the transhumanist “tree of life” delusion, which has always been Satan’s end game since the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:22-24). That is ultimately what these precious lambs are being groomed to be guinea pigs for even now.

The transgenderism offensive is at full strength now, and with it the normalization of pedophilia. Technically, the normalization of adult/child sex is implicit in the transgenderists demand that children must have the right to sexual self-determination. If that right belongs to the child, and must be respected even to the point of allowing chemical and surgical mutilation to “affirm” their self-perceptions about gender identity, it’s really a small step from there to allowing a child to chose an adult sex partner. That groundwork has long been laid in the national network of publicly funded “Gay and Lesbian Community Centers” whose typical age guidelines of 14-24 years old have created veritable meet markets for hook-ups across the line of legal majority. And social engineering behemoths like Planned Parenthood have long normalized the idea of inter-generational relationships among the youth.

With the rise of the Drag Queen Story Hour campaign, older adult men are consorting with even younger children in highly sexualized and intimate settings with active “parental” involvement. (Now you know where all those government and leftist-controlled adoption agencies placed the children who fell into their clutches). Not even the public exposure of numerous convicted sex offenders involved in these grooming sessions has stopped the spread of this abomination. That indicates an agenda on high (as if we needed further proof).

Again, logic is the “flaw” in the plan. Even while criminalizing self-determination for youth who seek to overcome SSAD through counseling, the same leftist powers insist that children who want to submit to grooming propaganda must have the legal right to determine their own gender identity and be provided chemical puberty-blockers and access to gender-mutilation surgery. And once again, the gatekeepers, including the media, never expose or challenge that outrageous logical contradiction – just as they have never questioned how a person’s subjective perception of “sexual orientation” can be deemed fixed and immutable while DNA-fixed heterosexual physiology is deemed fluid and malleable. Logic and rationality are again defeated by bald-faced double standards and deception protected by the suppression of debate and dissent.

For many decades, the pedophiles have been biding their time, hiding in plain sight, staying organized through groups like NAMBLA, the PRIDE networks and the NEA. But now they’re making their move. They’ve adopted a new label: Minor Attracted Persons and tasked a few allies to run onto the culture war battlefield carrying that flag to imprint their new brand in the public mind. And while public comment and debate ensued, they shocked the public conscience with the grotesque Balenciaga scandal of young children in bondage themed displays and the Christie’s Auction House scandal involving of transhuman figurines of very young children with genitals sprouting from their face. Couched as “art” of course to avoid criminal prosecution, the real purpose is the fix the extreme outer limit of the debate, so that normalizing first child sexual rights and then MAPs is seen as a “conservative” compromise. Mark my words, that’s what’s coming.

It’s the same Marxist dialectic of thesis, antithesis, synthesis (two steps forward, one step back) Americans have sadly fallen for at every stage of the LGBT war of conquest. Right before our eyes, just like so many got ensnared in the “conservative” compromise of embracing “gay marriage” as a way to prove their fight against transgenderism isn’t “bigotry” (the virtue-signaling of the useful idiots of the right), the elites have charted their road-MAP to hell on earth and we’re again stumbling down their chosen path – two steps behind the “progressives.”

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