Nick Fuentes and ‘White Supremacy’ Hoax-Mongering

The first organic law of this country is the Declaration of Independence, which is the bedrock on which the U.S. Constitution is constructed. It emphasized the self-evident truth that “all men are created equal” and endowed by God with natural rights. An equal place in the establishment and maintenance of the social contract is naturally assumed among those rights, but in practice it was denied to blacks collectively based upon the rank evolutionist heresy in post-Enlightenment Europe. That heresy claimed that they were an intermediary step between apes and men – a racist ideology that had already been institutionalized in the slave trade at the time of our founding by the power of commerce and the sin of greed.

The best example of slave-master ideology in written form is Charles Darwin’s version in “The Descent of Man.” He didn’t invent this notion; he only articulated the long-held common view of the elites.

The true biblical worldview among Christians was certainly more common among the founders than in our present generation, but it was still just a minority-view against a more worldly-minded majority. An heroic effort was made by the most ethical of the founders to ban slavery in the Constitution, but it failed. That set us up for God’s inevitable recompense (natural justice) in the form of the race-based social calamity that peaked in the Civil War (as one of several causative issues) and continues to this day. Lincoln’s comments in his Second Inaugural Address became the historical counterpoint to Darwin in his summary of the biblical perspective on the Civil War as a reaping in blood what we had sown.

The problem of racism continues, not for the lack of Christian ethics among whites in racial matters, but because the “elites” have always embraced the slave-master mentality and have cynically used the very “civil rights” machinery ostensibly designed to solve the problems to instead deliberately perpetuate them. After almost a century of floundering and piecemeal stopgap measures, they recreated the old plantation-system in LBJ’s Civil Rights Act of 1964, using government largess to lure blacks into liberty-negating government dependency where they became the crop rather than the field hands: each one a cash cow to facilitate the transfer of federally collected tax revenues from vast centralized “entitlement” reservoirs to elite-managed overseers in the big cities. All for the purpose of creating and funding massive armies of entitlement-dispensing election-controlling foot-soldiers called public-employee unions.

And, to ensure that blacks never collectively broke free from the dependency system, the elites kept them centralized in the inner-cities, destabilized their families in numerous ways, sabotaged any meaningful entrepreneurial success among them, indoctrinated their children with every leftist narrative and ensured that the fire of resentment against white people was always kept smoldering in their hearts. Racism in America today is coming mostly from blacks against whites – intentionally stoked by Critical Race Theory and other polarizing tactics.

To ensure that their control could never be effectively overthrown, the elites have carefully fostered and nurtured among blacks the grievance-based Marxist ideology of “oppressor” and “oppressed,” grooming and deploying the most agitated activists like an arsenal of Molotov cocktails ready to be unleashed whenever and wherever race-rioting would serve the elites agenda. Ferguson was not the first, and the 2020 election was not the last example of this strategy in action.

But the most important secret weapon in this strategy is the exploitation/manufacture of white resentment against elite-sponsored/directed black thuggery and destructiveness. The key to elite control is hyper-polarization among the “common” people. Marxist radicalism always grows its own opposition to have an enemy to point to, to justify its rage: a “Proud Boys” for every “Antifa,” if you will. When the commoners fail to produce a counterpoint of their own, one is created for them by the FBI or whatever other social-engineering asset is best suited to the task. In the “gay marriage” wars I always suspected Fred Phelps was a government “agent provocateur” sent out to incite public outrage against the pro-family movement by protesting the funerals of war heroes with “God Hates Fags” signs. In Charlottesville (the blueprint for J6) it was tiki-torch-bearing, Trump-costumed “Antifa” assets fabricating evidence of “white supremacy.”

In the Current Act of the continuing stage play, I suspect Nick Fuentes and Jared Taylor (whom I just learned about this week) are also assets of the elites (wittingly or not). I actually caught Fuentes’ performance at the “Gathering of the MAGA Tribes” in D.C. on Dec. 12, 2020. Being very familiar (by virtue of co-writing “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party”) with how Nazi propaganda was facilitated by vaguely homoerotic visual imagery in the 1920 and ’30s, I was literally shocked to encounter what looked to me like a deliberate re-staging of a particular infamous Nazi poster with Hitler (reenacted by Fuentes) addressing an adoring all-male flock of acolytes packed tightly around him like sardines. And what I heard Fuentes shouting, with all the passion and charisma of Der Fuehrer, was a string of borderline white-supremacist platitudes.

What most bothered me was that Fuentes was literally and blatantly vindicating the accusations of the left against the MAGA movement, and that struck me as intentional, and thus Obiden-orchestrated. That hypothesis and the whiff of a potential homoerotic undercurrent in Fuentes’ network was partially vindicated in the recent (joint venture?) sabotage of President Trump by self-declared “ex-gay” (but still “gay” acting) Milo Yiannopoulos, using Fuentes and Kanye West as either allies or props.

Thankfully, Fuentes was only a small sideshow in the wild carnival atmosphere on 12/12, where tens of thousands of MAGA faithful from every conceivable constituency flowed and swirled like white-water rapids around both the several officially planned and the many spontaneous mini-rallies all over the Washington Mall and its environs – none of which echoed Fuentes’ themes (except a suspicious-seeming speech-maker at the Proud Boys stage the members there didn’t seem to know).

My point here is that the MAGA faithful need to carefully guard ourselves against the temptation to join the “right-wing” polar extreme that is characterized by blaming “the Jews” or “the blacks” collectively as the problem because that is just another “Whitmer trap” of the elites – used to justify the violence and cancel culture of the left, and to prevent the empowering unification of the conservative/populist Jews, blacks and whites against the elites themselves.

Fighting Back: Click on above graphic for Dr. Lively’s plan for countering the elites’ race-baiting agenda.

Slavery at America’s Founding

(The above article was inspired by the conversation cited below.)

I’ve just had an email debate with a man who believes in racial segregation and thinks that the phrase “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence was intended by the writers to mean white men only, because of other writings in which some founders held that exclusionist view.

In my reply I admitted that racial perspectives were not the same then as now, BUT, pointed out that the ideals in the Declaration were clearly aspirational, and were articulated by the most ethically advanced men of their generation. I have no doubt that Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, the Adams’ and a few others fully understood and believed that all men of all races are created equal as a philosophical/theological principle, while also understanding the difference between philosophical ideals and practical realities, like Paul’s approach to slavery in Philemon.

“Equal in inherent value to God” is also very different from “equal in function and purpose in human civilization.” Husbands and wives are equal in value, but the wife has a duty under God to submit to the authority of her husband.

What evolved over time was the appreciation of individualism in the exercise of liberty, as America slowly led humanity out of the millennia-old world-wide mentality and practice of rigid top-down human social hierarchy in which everyone’s life and prospects were regulated by their social strata and familial/”tribal” relationships. To them, chattel slavery was just a component of the economic order, one step below indentured servitude on the lower end of scale of stratified class distinctions.

The nearly universal (non-race based) practice of chattel slavery in the “laws” of war and conquest was just a fact of life for them, from time immemorial. How different was African slavery from that realistically speaking to a world with that perspective? Did they view a person enslaved by accident of losing a war as having less inherent value to God than someone born to royalty? Not if they read their Bible. And yet, all but a few went about their lives without turning into abolitionist zealots — just like Christians do today in this abortion and sodomy dominated culture of death we can’t seem to restore to sanity.

The Pilgrims had literally made themselves indentured servants for a seven-year term to pay for their passage to America on the Mayflower. What percentage of the Founders generation were their grandchildren and great-grandchildren or had a similar heritage?

I contended that this man was falling into the modern “progressive” trap of trying to impose advanced ethical mandates on people from less ethically mature generations — Except that he was doing it in reverse by suggesting that the Founders’ failure to impose advanced ethics on their society meant they didn’t hold those ethics themselves as individuals.

In response he emphasized that Franklin, for example, had displayed personal aversion to Black people. To that I reminded him that one can accept that people are inherently equal in value and still dislike them personally for various reasons.

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