The Impending Dem Bum-Rush of ‘Joey the Scapegoat’

(All Glory to God for the things shared in this testimony. It was all Him using a willing vessel.)

Joe Biden was never intended to become “President” of the United States in 2020. That slot was intended for Elizabeth Warren of the bluest of the blue states, Massachusetts, following a strategy that God used yours truly to foil. That strategy was a tag-team effort of the nation-wide Purple Uniparty led on the red side by the Bush Team through their man Mitt Romney, and on the blue side by the Clinton/Obama Team using Warren herself.

The key to the plan was setting up Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker to take down Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential primary season as the “voice of Republican reason,” while Old Pocahontas made a beeline for the oval office, where her first act as President would be the “refreshingly bipartisan gesture” of hiring Baker for a top cabinet post as the nation breathed an enormous collective sigh of relief that the “hateful and divisive” Trump era was finally over.

The strategy kicked off as a nationwide media campaign in 2017 and early 2018, exemplified by a Politico article titled “How Charlie Baker ditched Trump to become the most popular governor in America

The essence of the plan was for both Baker and Warren to win off-the-chart landslide victories in the November 2018 elections while giving each other the occasional high-profile neck rub to “show how the grown-ups can work across the aisle for the good of the people.” All of this would be gushingly praised non-stop by the corporate media and contrasted with clips of Trump acting “rude” and “mean.”

Charlie Baker was being set up as America’s Knight in Shining Armor: not to win the presidency in 2020 (because the conservatives in the GOP would never back him in the general election) but only to weaken Trump sufficiently in the primary and among Independents so that Warren could beat him in the general. In the general, Baker would bash Trump and praise Warren – perhaps as a hired gun on CNN or some other key media outlet. BUT when I primaried Baker and annihilated that “most popular governor” narrative, Mitt Romney was substituted for that Trump-bashing role – far less effectively as a barely-relevant Utah Senator – and at huge political cost.

They could theoretically pull all this off because nowhere is the Purple Uniparty more fully in control of a state than Massachusetts. But there was a big problem to fix first – because lesbian then-Attorney General Maura Healy (and now governor) was next in line to be governor and probably would have beaten Baker handily in 2018 if she ran against him. But for the sake of taking down Trump, Healy “graciously” stayed out of the race and the Dem machine allowed only a couple of no-name political weaklings to run in her place. The whole thing was a blatant stand-down by the Democrat Party to clear the path for Baker.

Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Republican Party had been in the iron grip of the RINOs since the Bush Machine successfully ran Utah Mormon Mitt Romney (a sort-of reverse carpet-bagger) to win the MA governorship in 2002. Romney is essentially the red-team counterpart to Joe Biden – a political “waterboy” who does what he’s told and takes whatever job he’s assigned. After serving in the MA governor’s role (where he launched the prototype of Obamacare), he was later assigned to take a dive to Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election, just as his fellow Bush waterboys John McCain did in 2008, and Bob Dole had done for Bill Clinton in 1996. Importantly, Baker was Romney’s protégé, personally hand groomed.

So confident of its power, the RINO MAGOP had for years openly cheated to keep conservatives out of the governor’s race. At the GOP convention in 2010 (at the height of the Tea Party) they kept conservative hero Christy Mihos off the ticket by back-room ballot stuffing until he fell below the 15% minimum to qualify for the primary – after having obviously won more than 15% in the floor vote. Furious conservatives had no legal recourse but in the next gubernatorial convention in 2014 my friend Brian Camenker of MassResistance organized video-taping of the floor vote, so when the RINOs cheated again to keep my friend Mark Fisher off the ballot, he sued and won a settlement that cost the MAGOP nearly $500,000 (including attorney fees).

I first ran for Mass governor in 2014 as an Independent conservative and so I was an ideological insider with front-row seats to all the political circuses. My purpose in that run was to to have a platform to preach the biblical worldview in the political arena (where its rarely heard) but also to break free from the “Saul Alinsky Box” the MA LGBTs had locked me in to destroy my pro-family ministry there and drive me from the state. Read this article to learn about that tactic and how I beat it. Here is more information about that 2014 and 2018 races.

I had no intention of running for any office again, but when Baker announced in late 2017 he would use MA state tax dollars to refund Planned Parenthood any money they lost from the US Congress for their role in the grotesque baby parts harvesting scandals exposed by undercover pro-life activists, I was suddenly inspired to go after him politically. Having always been a “waterboy” for Jesus Christ I jumped into that task with both feet – but with no knowledge of any of the Baker/Warren strategy I outlined above – I learned all that later. I was just a useful tool for the Lord, saying “Here I am, send me” (Isaiah 6:8) – with invaluable practical knowledge from my prior run.

In 2014 I ran to win – not EXPECTING to win absent a massive miracle, but running for real and I was dead serious. That meant running as a Republican, and that meant taking on the Bush/Romney/Baker machine. I had to pull money from my (not so big) retirement account to launch my campaign including a $25,000 fee for the right to give a speech on the main stage at the state convention. Long story short, the MAGOP pulled out ALL the stops to try to keep me off the ballot including an elaborate cheating strategy. BUT, in a truly glorious, genuinely miraculous David and Goliath showdown I not only thwarted their fraud but, in a barn-burner speech that earned a roaring standing ovation, broke the bank with an unprecedented 27.6% delegate count, and went on to win 36.1% of the primary votes. (The look on then GOP Chairwoman Kirsten Hughes face during my speech – bottom of the page – is priceless!)

I spent less than 150,000 dollars for 100,000 voted compared to Bakers $7 million for 175,000 votes, while being boycotted by the state media, except for the Boston Globe which painted me as Satan incarnate.

God used me to destroy the Baker/Warren anti-Trump strategy, which means I’m partly to blame for Joe Biden being sent in as a substitute for Warren, just as Romney substituted for Baker. And like Romney, Biden is not up to that job, and thus has been set up as a scapegoat for the collapse of their plans – which are inevitable because Donald Trump was NOT broken and replaced in 2020. The best they could do was a clumsy and blatant coup and cover-up that has been unraveling ever since.

I first publicly predicted that “Joey the Scapegoat” would be taken out by the Dems in my WND column of October 25, 2021 As usual, my timeline was too short, but the rest is still timely and accurate. Now even the rank and file Dems know he’s pretty certain to get the bum’s rush out of the White House – and fairly soon.

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