The Global Showdown of Anglo-Zionism and the Russian Empire

As Russia and the BRICS Alliance increasingly challenge US global hegemony, Americans will increasingly be confronted about the history of “Anglo-Zionism.” Here is some historical analysis on what that phrase really means. 

The most illuminating book I have ever read aside from the Bible is J.H. Allen’s Judah’s Scepter and Joseph’s Birthright” which expounds his version of the doctrine of British Israelism (that Brits and Jews share a common Hebrew ancestry) – a version I do NOT endorse, but to which some of the monarchy and many of the elites of Great Britain did subscribe (going all the way back to the 1500s), and which contains some highly intriguing elements that are at least plausible when separated from the larger myth. Allen published his fascinating summary in 1902 at the peak of BI’s social and political influence, five years after the formal establishment of Zionism (a Jewish Nationalist movement) in 1897 and fifteen years before the British Empire liberated the Holy Land – by military conquest – from the Muslim Ottoman Turks in 1917 and essentially gave it back to the Jews with the Balfour Declaration.  

Allen’s book offers by far the best summary of and biblical justification for the so-called “two house” teaching, which is the deeper and genuinely reliable scriptural bedrock on which the semi-mythological doctrine of BI is built. For that reason alone, it is well worth your time to read. It is upon that same foundation that I wrote my own book The Prodigal Son Prophecy, which, among other things, expands upon Allen’s “two house” explanations with further biblical proofs. My book, however, takes on the larger task of reexamining all of Bible prophecy from the Hebrew cultural perspective of the Apostles and the Prophets – showing in that process just how central the two-house doctrine actually is to God’s plan.

In the process of testing Allen’s summary of the doctrine of BI, I found so many highly questionable and vigorously disputed contentions that I was forced to reject the theory as offered while sifting out and setting aside the more plausible elements of it for further study. While engaged in that study over the past decade I came to realize that the truth of BI theory is really a separate issue from the geopolitical impact of belief in the theory by powerful elites. The distinction is analogous to that of a rich man who bequeaths his estate to someone he becomes convinced is his long lost heir. Whether or not that inheritor is truly a relative is an important question, but the practical consequences of the belief in its truth is an entirely different and perhaps more important matter.  

My primary focus, therefore, has shifted to a study of the development of the BI doctrine as a socio-political phenomenon in Great Britain and Western Europe, and that really begins with the rise of the Hebraic Movement in Christendom.     

What I mean by the Hebraic Movement is the rediscovery of the Hebrew perspective of the Apostles and the Prophets by Christian theologians with the help of Jews among whom they began intermingling because of shared or parallel persecution under the Spanish Inquisition. Over the course of a century or more these groups fled Spain: the Jews coalescing primarily in Holland, the Christians primarily gathering in England, Scotland and Switzerland but they continued in intermittent intellectual/religious fellowship and a constant shared apprehension of the power of Roman Catholicism. 

Out of that cooperation/cross pollination came Protestantism itself, built upon the “Messianic Jewish” understanding of “the priesthood of all believers” exemplified by the Jerusalem Council in Acts. Martin Luther was strongly influenced by the Jews and vigorously defended them at the start of his reform ministry, before fully and shamefully reversing himself, presumably under intense pressure from traditionalists amid his increasing frustration that they would not convert to Christ (which had been his only practicable self-defense for fellowshipping with them in the first place). 

Protestantism began formally under Luther and developed two key early branches: one under John Calvin in Switzerland and the other under John Knox in Scotland. The Knox branch formalized bottom-up Christianity in Presbyterianism, blossoming into the phenomenon of the Scottish Covenanters, from which came constitutionalism as a form of government.

The most monumental landmark of their cooperation was the purported sojourn of the Pilgrim Separatists with the Leyden Jews just prior to that fateful voyage of the Mayflower to to Plymouth, where “America’s first constitution” The Mayflower Compact (a covenantal oath) was written, and where America’s first Protestant church was built on Leyden St (and still operates today — as a Christian bed and breakfast in which I’ve stayed).

BUT, the vehicle by which all these things came about (at least from the 1500s) was the shared Christian/Jewish religious/political doctrine of British Israelism — which they believed to be true even if much of it wasn’t. British Israelism was the doctrinal taproot of what is today called Anglo-Zionism, and the ideological basis for the partnership of the British Monarchy and Jewish mercantile bankers that established the British Empire and ended the monopolistic religious/political tyranny of the Roman Catholic Church.

I contend based on my research thus far that British Israelism or “Anglo-Zionism” was the largely unheralded ideology of the elites that built the British Empire. I wrote a three-essay series documenting my support for this thesis here.

Now I must address the unpleasant implications of whether the Jews in the British Israel coalition actually believed the doctrine, or only invented it or used it as a tool to manipulate the British monarchy into fighting its battles. That will be the claim of today’s fervent Anti-Zionist movement in Christendom. I believe most Jews were sincere Millennialists, especially from the 1500s through the 1800s, but some were not, especially approaching the turn of the 20th Century, and that latter group is whom the Bible calls the “Synagogue of Satan.” I believe that’s who rules the Anglo-American and NATO alliance today and why the world is racing toward global tyranny overrun with systems of human enslavement and moral degeneracy (before the Russians can derail their train). 

I will defend the True Jews with the Bible’s Jewish parallel to the Wheat and Tares. Wheat is symbolic of Christians. Figs are symbolic of Jews. In Jeremiah 24 the good figs, like the true wheat, are taken away to a place of safety while the false/bad category are destroyed. And, just as Jeremiah and a remnant among those “left behind” were spared the wrath to fulfil God’s purposes, so will 144K Jews be sealed against death to survive the bowl judgments after the resurrection/rapture. That 144K (and a mixed multitude) will survive the 10 Days of Wrath and repopulate the earth during the Millennial Kingdom. 

The Bible shows that Christians and Jews WILL be reconciled in the Millennial Kingdom, and that British Israelism/Anglo-Zionism, properly understood – and purged of “tares” and “bad figs” and corrupt geo-politics and fantastical mythology — IS, like Messianic Judaism, a fulfilment of prophecy. Russia, while trying to hold the moral high ground in it’s Byzantine revival seems in all of this to be God’s instrument to bring the world to its final pre-millennial crisis where that purging will occur. 

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