Frankenstein Goes to Harvard

Mary Shelly’s immortal classic has become a real life morality tale to liberal Jews who created a monster they can’t control. I’m not talking about Hamas – at least not directly – but about Harvard University.

It’s late October and we’re again approaching that most hallowed of secular humanist holidays, Halloween, when the nation will be given over to a celebration of demons, dystopia and death – all dressed up like pigs in lipstick to make it fun for the kids. It began long ago as a form of push-back against the Roman Catholic church-created holiday, All Saints Day, when a very strict human-created moral code would clamp down on the Christian world like the torture implements of the Spanish Inquisition. All Hallows Eve, like it’s cousin Mardi Gras and distant relative, the Bachelor Party, were designed to celebrate one last night of “freedom” by indulging deeply in vice and sin before surrendering the next day to slavery. At least that’s how the world thinks of the Romanized church and its derivatives.

No groups had more to hate or fear from Roman Catholic tyranny in the middle ages than the Jews and Proto-Protestants who would team up in Holland and Great Britain in the 1500s on the common theme of Millennialism (belief in a future literal Jerusalem-based Millennial Kingdom ruled by the Messiah). They held this belief in common, in direct contradiction to the official Roman Catholic doctrine of Amillennialism (no Millennial Kingdom) – and for this they both suffered during the Inquisition. Their subsequent intermittent but continual cooperation and cross-pollination produced or at least facilitated the Protestant Revolution and the Hebraic Movement in Christendom, most easily recognized in the Judeo-Christian crypto-theology of “British-Israelism” which heavily influenced the British Empire for over four centuries, ending only after the British conquered the Turks and gave the Holy Land back to the Jews in the early 1900’s.

In parallel to that relatively healthy, God-honoring track of Messianic Judaism and Hebraic Christianity in all their myriad forms, a separate track of resistance to Roman Catholicism and its network of monarchies formed around “secularism” – also integrating Jews and Christians, but around a common atheism, producing Marxism, Secular Humanism and their many variations. This track was dominated more heavily by the Jews, whose misguided liberal views and attempts to fundamentally transform civilization to conform to them are the subject of this article. They are today reaping a whirlwind of their own making – a Frankenstein monster they brought to life with their own hands.

These Torah-defying liberal Jews’ road to this hell was admittedly paved with the very best of intentions but the most inverted and hubristic logical premises: they thought they knew better than God what’s best for humanity.

Let’s now shift our gaze to Harvard University, which like Stanford on the west coast has been among the most intensely coveted destinations for their own children. Stanford provided a foretaste of the current crisis earlier this year which I addressed in my article “Woke Fascism at Stanford Law” in mid-March.

Like in the Stanford case, I have personal knowledge of the matter at hand because I debated criminal justice reform at Harvard Law School as an Independent candidate for Governor of Massachusetts in 2014. The Democrat candidate was Attorney General Martha Coakley, who was running on that theme, but both she and GOP contender Charlie Baker (who won that election) boycotted the event because I was there. (If I remember right, Coakley popped in to make a brief statement to her base and then split but Baker was a total no-show.)

As you may know, I have enjoyed super-pariah status among the hard left since the late 1980s, and have the high honor of holding perhaps the longest continuous “Christian hate group” designation of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and so I am no by no means a stranger to leftist tantrums and disruption tactics. But my Harvard experience was unique. Even when I debated “gay marriage” at Berkeley (in 2004?) the ACLU moderator kept control and forced the crowd to be civil. At Harvard, the LGBT contingent that turned out to harass me was given carte-blanche to take over the room – with no meaningful pushback by weak-willed school officials running the event. I chronicled that here.

I knew then that Harvard was a lost cause.

The first article I read this morning with my coffee was “Wexner Foundation Cuts Ties With Harvard After ‘Dismal Failure’ To Condemn Hamas’ ” in the student newspaper The Harvard Crimson.” All the Harvard administrators faces should be crimson with shame that their cowardice in the face of Woke insanity has produced such a massive revolt among the core of its base. BUT, irony of ironies, it was primarily that base of liberal Jews who pushed that wokeness in the first place.

It is in the nature of liberals to mis-read reality whenever it conflicts with their narratives, so the collective pro-Israel left is likely to blame previously hidden “white supremacy” or a secret “right-wing” conspiracy for Harvard’s ideological civil war. But perhaps this time some might actually awaken to the fatal flaws in their woke agenda – because Harvard is just the flagship of a nationwide anti-Israel rebellion in American academia. Many college campuses – and even high schools – are metaphorically on fire like the streets of France are literally.

The greatest irony of all in this crisis, is that the major benefactor, when all is said and done, is likely to be Donald Trump – who has been Israel’s staunchest political ally and maintained the most immovable barrier to funding the Palestinian agenda of all the recent presidential administrations. Obiden’s crew was caught on its back foot, spewing pro-Palestinian platitudes when the Hamas terror crisis broke – and no amount of the coming major military pounding of Israel’s enemies will wipe away that memory in the minds of the Jews.

Shelly’s Frankenstein was a nightmarish morality tale about playing God. Let us pray that the liberal Jews awaken from their ideological stupor to recognize that they created the Harvard Frankenstein and all the other woke monsters now ravaging the countryside, and that they repent and seek the forgiveness of God, who alone has the power to fix what they broke, and to fix them.

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