Vladimir Putin’s Dangerous Game

Vladimir Putin’s Dangerous Game. 11/1/2023

I have never been afraid to show my respect for Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom I believe is the most competent, effective and law abiding head of state on the five member UN Security Council. I’ve weighed and rejected the various claims made against him over the past twenty years as fairly obvious war propaganda, and have admired his calm and measured prosecution of the current war in Ukraine that NATO forced upon him. His leadership in preserving and promoting true marriage, the natural family and gender normalcy against the LGBT global war-of-conquest is the unrivaled model for the world and the only real hope for a rollback of that truly satanic and literally existential threat to humanity. If Russia falls to that agenda, the entire world will drown in its own moral sewage just like America’s groomer-targeted schoolchildren in the deep blue cities are doing. All our other disputes will be moot because we will have lost the favor of God.

As someone who has done missionary work in Ukraine and worked shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainian Christian co-workers around the world in the culture war battles against the LGBT agenda, I deeply deplore the staggering human losses that the poor Ukrainian people have suffered in their tragic role as cannon fodder proxies for the US/UK aggressors. But the blame for that falls squarely on those who orchestrated the very long campaign of encroachments and provocations against Russia, repeatedly broke negotiated settlements such as the Minsk accords, and deliberately sabotaged the French and German brokered peace agreement of March 2023 (and Nordstream 2). High on the American segment of that list of evil elites are Obama, the Clintons, the entire inner circle of the present Obiden administration and their many allies in the “controlled opposition” wing of the GOP.

That having been said, I remain a stalwart American loyalist of the Constitutional Republic bequeathed to us by our Founders, large remnants of which survived the Marxist coup of 2020 and could be the core of a restored republic during a second Trump term (something I strongly hope will happen). And I am also an unwavering supporter of the Bible-based legal right of Israel to possess the Holy Land despite its own infestation with US and EU-backed evil leftist elites pushing civilization-eroding Marxist agendas.

Vladimir Putin’s dangerous game – perhaps more accurately characterized as a tightrope walk over the pit of hell – is his attempt to balance the realpolitik variables of geopolitics vis-a-vis the BRICS alliance/NATO showdown while managing the risks of overly empowering his Islamic political and military allies. As an heir to the Christian Byzantine Empire whose wondrous capital Constantinople (now Istanbul) was wrested from them by Muslim warlords centuries ago, today’s newly revived Russian Orthodox Empire should know better than most the consequences of underestimating Mohammed’s religion-of-conquest, literally founded on militarism.

It was Trump, not Putin, who first upset the (“divide and conquer”- motivated) balance of Middle East powers (so carefully created and maintained by the British since WWI) with his Abraham Accords (something I largely supported). But the unintended consequence of that peace-effort was to unite the religious fanatics of the entire Muslim world against the “sacrilege” of recognizing Israel’s right to exist, which sudden “harmony” Putin has exploited to pull the former Islamic rivals away from the US and into his political orbit.

Indeed, an argument could be made that one of the several reasons the globalists unleashed Hamas on Judah (per my personal conspiracy theory) https://www.wnd.com/2023/10/civil-war-israel-media-arent-covering/ was to force Putin into the near-impossible position of trying to preserve his long-cultivated good relations with Israel while not alienating his Muslim allies. The recent story of Muslims hunting down Jews in a Russian airport highlights the thorniness of the problem Putin now faces.

Compounding the complications is the escalating conflict in the US/Russia proxy-war theater of Syria, which pre-dates the Ukraine war. Israeli officials are now issuing thinly veiled threats to assassinate Syrian President Assad, a close Putin ally, as a massive buildup of combat-ready US military forces accumulate in the eastern Mediterranean, angry with the sting of defeat in Ukraine. Looming huge in the wings is Turkey, which has just issued its own threat to Israel that should it choose to do so it could send massive forces of its own to Gaza “overnight.”

Should there be a restored Califate (a single Islamic governing authority uniting all Muslims) it is Turkey that dreams about and claims the natural right to form it (re-form it) as a Neo-Ottoman Empire. Other powers might disagree, but that is now a conversation about possibilities made plausible by current events, as is Christian discussion of the “Gog and Magog” war of biblical eschatology in which either Russian or Turkey hold the role of mastermind in rival theories of whom the “king of the north” may be in that prophecy.

It is in the very nature of geopolitics for rival Empires to form alliances with otherwise incompatible nations with their own regional rivalries — and for all parties to downplay their own hypocrisies while highlighting those of their opponent. The whitewashing of our US alliance with Sunni Saudi Arabia is a case in point relative to the Russian alliance with Shiite Iran. “Our Muslims are less a danger to the world than yours” is a mantra now ringing hollow for both sides as the Islamic factions all appear ready to coalesce into one furious swarm of hornets.

The US, whose formerly chiseled masculine face to the world in matters of war has been replaced by that of a effeminate transgender tattooed in rainbows, has lost much of its credibility with the Muslim world and may never get it back. But the face of Russia, Putin, has that world’s respect at this most critical juncture of history. I expect he will address the Muslims regarding the Israeli war with the same calm and measured style I mentioned above – staying neutral on Israel as Israel has stayed neutral in Ukraine – while being careful not to alienate those in his own coalition whose cooperation he must preserve.

It is and will remain a dangerous game – not a gamble, but a series of calculated “lesser of two evils” decisions very much like what Trump was forced to make during his presidency. Trump and Putin are both masters of that political game while both keep their eye on the prize of maximal national health and prosperity for their own people.

If by God’s mercy we avert the descent into the global collapse/reset I write so much about, and also restore Trump to the White House in 2024, I believe there is a very good chance Trump and Putin will together walk the world back from the brink of global Marxism, kill the “climate change” canard, restore traditional values, and establish a healthy balance of super-powers that will respect national sovereignty and sweep all the shattered pieces of the globalist one-world dictatorship into the dustbin of history. Admittedly that’s a Yuuge IF.

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