A ‘Putin Apologist’ Takes on “OBiden” Propagandists

An apologist is a person who argues in defense of someone who is under attack and can’t defend himself. Every defense lawyer in civil and criminal law is one, preserving the fundamental right to a fair trial that is otherwise impossible when only the prosecution is allowed to speak, such as in the case of Vladimir Putin. But I don’t defend Putin only because he, like every other human being, deserves the fair hearing he has so far been denied. I do it because I am trained in Christian Apologetics to defend the far more important biblical mandate of truth-telling.

Based on my own due diligence, I believe Vladimir Putin is legally and ethically in the right in the matter of Russia’s “Special Military Operation” (a position I explained last March in my essay on Putin talking points and the Monroe Doctrine) and that both the U.S./U.K. deep state that orchestrated the war, and the controlled liberal and neo-con media spoon feeding its propaganda to the American people, are as thoroughly dishonest as the devil himself. Thus, as a truth-loving Christian attorney, I would not hesitate to take the role of Putin’s defense counsel in the matter of the Ukraine war and, if the trial court were a genuinely just venue where all the facts and evidence (the heart of which is well summarized and documented here) could be fairly presented to a truly impartial jury, I would be highly confident in victory for my client.

This is not to deny that Ukraine has become hell on earth for the Ukrainian people – whom I dearly love in Christ, grieve for and have personally ministered to on a mission trip there and in other contexts. The issue is who is actually responsible for first unleashing that hell and then preventing Germany, France and Israel from ending it in the early stages, using Boris Johnson as their hatchet-man. The chief culprits are the OBiden (Obama-Biden) regime and its RINO co-conspirators, whose vast criminal operations there might otherwise be exposed and punished.

Saying these things is risky business these days, and I have lost some supporters over this issue, but I fear the spiritual consequences of condoning and repeating lies and slander more than the worldly consequences of defying deep-state bullies demanding and coercing allegiance to false narratives. I’d rather be John and Baptist than Pontius Pilate. And I am ashamed for the church that so many “virtue signaling” Christians – even when rightly opposing U.S. involvement in Ukraine – willingly throw Putin and the Russians under the bus while letting the actual culprits (the true enemies of everything we hold dear) off the hook.

The lying warmongers orchestrating our serfdom in the Great Reset don’t care if we impotently oppose a war we have no power to stop; they only care that they don’t get exposed as the evil masterminds before their task is completed. We serve their cause when we obediently place the blame on their chosen scapegoat to avoid being called a “Putin apologist.” They use the same tactics to make us fear being called a “homophobe,” “white supremacist” and “climate change denier.” Make no mistake, Brethren, when it comes to false narratives, compliance makes you complicit! The price is slavery to an Empire of Lies you helped to sustain.

Imagine for a moment that instead of sending clandestine special forces and $110 billion (it’s actually much more than that over the past decade) to turn Ukraine into a staging ground for Russian regime change, we had invested that money in Central and South America, managed by teams of civil engineers to help turn those nations into more stable and prosperous countries.

Would their citizens still be so desperately miserable as to see their best hope for a happy life in becoming refugees in the United States? Highly doubtful – especially since that $110 billion is more than the combined annual GDP of several of those countries. We would not only be serving an authentically humanitarian cause but boosting regional trade and expanding consumer markets for U.S. goods. AND we would be greatly strengthening U.S. security in our own hemisphere – the very purpose of our Monroe Doctrine – by fostering mutual goodwill. There would be no U.S. border crisis, no gangs of criminal aliens slaughtering Americans in our cities, no bankruptcy of our social service agencies, no bloating of the Uniparty’s election fraud networks, no Marxist takeover of our southern neighbors. Instead, with stunning hubris, we’re funding the bloodiest trench war since World War I to deny Russia’s legitimate exercise of its own “Monroe Doctrine.”

American foreign policy has been run by demons for decades, even under Trump who never had anything more than nominal control of the Departments of State and Defense or their intelligence arms. And now we’re on the verge of WWIII, intentionally, to ensure their Great Collapse will set the stage for the Great Reset in furtherance of the globalists’ Agenda 2030.

Just as the State Department telegraphed its plan to blow up Nord Stream 2, OBiden announced that sending tanks to his puppet Zelensky would trigger WWIII … and now they’re in shipment with great fanfare. But for those of us who have been monitoring the war while ignoring the “Ukraine can win this!” controlled-media spin, the equipment escalation seems too obviously too little too late to be an actual battlefield strategy for the Donbass line where the victory of the now heavily mobilized Russian forces is a virtually foregone conclusion. And the new war narrative accompanying all of this has the feel of a child’s mystery novel or treasure map with the clues highlighted and underlined so there’s no chance that the plebes will wander off the path of discovery.

What conclusion are we being steered to reach? That the Russian bear, pushed to the brink by (conveniently timed) “unbearable provocation,” is enraged to point of irrationality. That suggests to me the set-up for a false flag event justifying direct NATO intervention. Interestingly, it’s a strategy that closely parallels what Biden puppet-master Obama did at the turn of the year in 2016/17 when he tried to trigger a hot war with Russia before Trump’s inauguration.

Remember that? Obama started military maneuvers in Poland and the Baltics while simultaneously staging a diplomatic crisis by expelling Russian diplomats from the U.S. – setting up the Russians to follow suit, an act which every American movie-watcher would recognize as the last step before war. Except that Gen. Mike Flynn – in the famous phone call that triggered Obama’s fury and intensive lawfare against him – sabotaged the plan by persuading the Russians not to respond in kind. In a matter of hours Russia turned from a table-pounding threat to expel American diplomats, to Putin himself magnanimously inviting the children of those diplomats to join his holiday celebrations, killing the Obama plan.

I see the same pattern in play now, but with no Mike Flynn to stop it. But I assume Putin knows that game and who is behind it. He will not take the bait, and would likely respond to any false flag maneuver in the same sane and measured style he has shown throughout this conflict. That minimizes the likelihood of WWIII, which will not proceed without the scapegoat firmly entrapped. In my view, thwarting that entrapment and exposing the lies the trap is constructed from is the best contribution I can make to the cause of truth – and of peace.

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