‘Joey the Scapegoat’ will soon exit stage left

Originally published 3/11/2024

I have great respect for former Trump speechwriter Darren Beattie of Revolver News whose work is truly and consistently stellar, but I must respectfully disagree with him on his March 7 article, “The Left Has to Replace Biden. Here’s Why They Can’t.”

He writes: “To attentive political observers, then, it may seem like the DNC is the obvious place to put in the fix. Didn’t they do that in 2016 for Hillary, protecting her while undermining Bernie Sanders at every opportunity? So, if the party feels doomed under Biden, why not do the same thing and start juggling the rules to allow a convention switcheroo? The bylaws of the DNC do explicitly mention that the DNC’s powers include filling a vacancy on the national ticket; such a vacancy is to be filled by ‘voting … in accord with procedural rules adopted by the Rules and Bylaws Committee and approved by the Democratic National Committee.’ That word is key: vacancy. As long as Biden is around and running, no such vacancy exists.”

Beattie’s logic and analysis is strong and sound on the points he made, but he ignored the one possible scenario I began speculating upon in evolving stages since before Biden was formally nominated for the position in 2020: a perfectly timed and staged Biden stroke (or equivalent malady) to create a vacancy allowing the DNC to appoint a replacement at their 2024 convention under its internal rules. This would allow a relative handful of DNC shot-callers to install whomever they wish to replace him. My money is on “Big Mike” Obama (not Gruesome Newsom) so Barack can get his fourth term just in time for the Great Reset.

This “vacancy by health crisis” scenario would have the added benefit of making “Joey the Scapegoat” politically immune from consequences for all his crimes and evils – and those of his co-conspirators. Everything gets retroactively blamed on “poor old Joe” who is (supposedly) off drooling in a nursing home, not prosecutable due to diminished capacity.

The Obiden Justice Department conveniently just set the table for this. Per Reuters, “Robert Hur, the special counsel appointed to investigate whether President Joe Biden improperly handled sensitive government documents, is a former high-ranking Justice Department official with experience in prosecuting sensitive leak investigations. On Thursday, he concluded that probe and found that Biden retained classified materials about Afghanistan after leaving the vice presidency in 2017 but said he will not be criminally charged.”

Of course, Reuter’s omitted the reason that he’ll skate, which was stated by the nominally more conservative Forbes in its article titled “‘Elderly Man With A Poor Memory’: Special Counsel Explains Why Biden Won’t Face Charges Over Classified Docs.”

Those wondering why Obiden’s own DOJ – normally so junkyard-dog ferocious in fighting his battles – would seeming disrespect the president so cavalierly now have their answer. Like so very much in today’s public square, it’s all about narrative-setting and selling. The Biden departure narrative is being built on the foundation that it’s Joe’s age and health to blame for the classified documents theft – and everything else.

From my own platform as a columnist at WND (the venerable journalistic warhorse that’s been continuously fighting for truth, justice and the American way since the Reagan Revolution), I started publicly called Biden “Joey the Scapegoat” just after the 2020 Democratic convention when it became clear to me that Trump had damaged golden girl Elizabeth Warren so badly that Biden would have to take her place as the candidate. It was essentially Obama stepping back in via the Biden Avatar as the only Democrat power-broker strong enough to go head-to-head (so to speak) with The Donald.

I’ll admit I had a dog in that fight. I believe I played an important part in derailing the President Pocahontas train by primarying Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker in 2018, whom I am convinced was intended to serve the Purple Uniparty cause during the 2020 primary as the red half of a Warren/Baker cross-party Never-Trump tag team and then as a key Cabinet member in a “bipartisan” Warren administration. Since late 2017, Politico was leading the Big Media campaign to set up uber-RINO Baker as “the most popular governor in America” in anticipation of 2020, but all hope of that died when “crackpot bigot” Scott Lively (so labeled for my authorship of “The Pink Swastika”) became the first conservative to win a spot on the Massachusetts gubernatorial ballot at a GOP convention in decades (winning nearly a third of the delegates) and took fully 36% of Baker’s expected-landslide vote in the 2018 primary – despite a near-total news blackout of my candidacy in all the conservative leaning portions of the state. Good riddance, Charlie and Liz!

And soon, good riddance, Joe! But there will be no cause for celebration in that event – for one thing because the alternative will be so much worse. But for another, the collective corporate media will be set to pounce on any “evil Republican or conservative” who dares to speak ill of the “helpless stroke – or perhaps brain tumor?– victim” as he exits stage left. I for one will be set to call foul on their fake outrage by reminding them of what they did to (now recovered) WND Founder Joseph Farah as he lay in a hospital bed after a severe stroke: The Washington Post took that opportunity to run its nastiest-ever hit piece on him in the hope they could finally kill WND, and perhaps the man as well. But both Farah and WND have made an impressive comeback, as, possibly, America might as well if we can finally be free of Barack Obiden in ALL his permutations and get Donald Trump back into the White House.

I’ll close by suggesting the possibility of a different and even more sinister variation on the Biden health crisis scenario: a Biden incapacitation by a new Fauci super-bug, justifying a new season of lockdowns and mail-out balloting! I don’t expect that, and believe WWIII/false flags blamed on Russia and martial law are more likely, but I don’t think anything – or combination of things – is off the table for the Trump Derangement Syndrome- afflicted elites and their minions.


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