My Cornered-Rat-o-meter is Spiking to Dangerous Levels

It’s been an amazing week of wins for President Trump, the MAGA Movement, the J6 POWs and all freedom-lovers in America. All the warheads in the left’s anti-Trump lawfare clusterbomb are present spinning wildly off into space and likely to explode without hitting their target. MAGA’s unapologetic dominance of the GOP is reaping huge success and sending RINOs like Mitch McConnell into forced retreat. The criminally corrupt DOJ is finally getting slapped down by the federal courts on its gross J6 prosecutorial overreach and selective enforcement against political protestors. And – despite unprecedented censorship and narrative enforcement by the entire deep state alliance of Big Government, Big Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Everything Else – the truth about the Covid plandemic, the stolen election, the Biden crime family and the callous US waste of Ukraine’s male population as a failed Kamakazi weapon against Russia – is rapidly red-pilling the American masses.

But, for the more jaded of us monitoring the situation through the lenses of Christian eschatology and proven conspiracy theories, the jubilation is heavily tempered by trepidation. The Cornered- Rat-o-Meter on my wall – which predicts the likelihood of extreme measures being taken by the ruling elites by the degree of their desperation – is not just spiking to dangerous, unprecedented levels but shooting out sparks and flashes. There is NOTHING they will not do to stay in power, and the window of time for them to take effective action is quickly narrowing.

Allow me to review what I believe are the leading factors in their calculations.

First is their need to retain control of the US Federal Government which, in practice, rules the world on behalf of the Central Banksters and hidden uber-elites of a cabal of top western and allied nations.

The cannot under any circumstances allow Donald Trump to regain control of the US unless they secretly buy him off regarding their most essential requirements – which is not beyond the reach of plausibility given his still un-repented-for role in Operation Warp Speed and severely anti-biblical endorsement of so-called “Gay marriage.” As much as I strongly support President Trump’s campaign and intend to vote for him, I do not worship the man as – alarmingly – many others seem to do. He is not the Messiah, just a extraordinary man with flaws.

Second, is the existential threat of Russia as a reemerging super-power openly organizing the BRICS “multi-polar” international order – which by definition would spell the death of US/UK global hegemony, which would presumably collapse under the weight of America’s $34 Trillion debt, and the $multiple Quadrillion debt of the current world system. And if that is the incentive of the “stick,” the corresponding “carrot” incentivizing the conquest of Russia is its vast storehouse of natural resources – at $75 Trillion the largest in the world by far. You see, the plan all along has been the plunder and balkanization of Russia, which fact is Russia’s motive for rearming and re-asserting its version of our Monroe Doctrine.

Third, a major factor potentially determining whether “multi-polar” competition will cause America to collapse by ending our reserve currency exclusivity (which is supposedly all that stands between us and bankruptcy) is the globalist contingency plan called the Great Reset. In the prophetic context the Great Reset looks like what the Bible implies will be a comprehensive new economic system to serve the Antichrist’s “beast” government – powerful enough in its control of individual wealth and trade that people who refuse to “take its mark” will be unable to buy and sell. The frantic, often irrational-seeming race to fully implement the Great Reset by 2030 is driven by the dual threat of the Russian multi-polar agenda and the rise of anti-globalist populism exemplified by Trump.

Fourth, to justify the Great Reset there logically must be a Great Collapse or the people of the world would never go along with it. There is no more powerful force in civilization than cultural inertia – which force can only be redirected by a society-wide paradigm-changing event such as a natural or man-made disaster (e.g. the bubonic plague or the Great Depression) a “miraculous” quantum-leap technological advance (e.g. the printing press or the Internet) or large-scale war. Interestingly, the Bible prophesies that all four types of events will mark the “beginning of sorrows” (labor pains), at the dawn of the short-lived Antichrist Kingdom.

Looking at all the variables currently at play today, my guess is that to achieve their Great Reset the elites will follow the four part sequence prophesied in the Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24:5-7 (not necessarily in that order):

1) Wars and rumors of wars. World War III is already percolating but may soon escalate dramatically. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a major false flag terror event this election season in the US or against Americans on the territory of a strategic ally like Poland, Lithuania, Romania or Moldova followed by US boots on the ground in Ukraine. I will triple-down on my personal conspiracy theory that those boots will not primarily be worn by Americans but by the “military aged young men” that have been illegally flooding across our border by the millions over the past decade. I reiterate that I firmly believe the primary purpose they have been deliberately lured here is to fight America’s next big war. I further believe the coming mass “draft/conscription as a path to citizenship” policy will unite the left and right: a rare win/win, especially when everyone knows that post-Vietnam Americans would never again tolerate the large-scale loss of their own sons in a foreign war.

If the war-justifying event is on US soil, it would likely also be used to justify martial law and the suspension of elections and other civil liberties – just as we’ve seen (or not seen if you rely on corporate news media) in Ukraine. Voila! Their Trump problem solved and MAGA patriots characterized and quelled as potential/actual “traitors” under police state scrutiny – with J6-style prosecutors lined up six deep to ensure they’re properly punished for any dissent!

Then there’s 2) Disease. Covid 19 was the dress rehearsal for creating global infrastructure for something much worse likely being cooked up in Fauci’s labs even as we speak. 3) “Natural” disasters which may or may not be man-made but will cause massive famine and death. 4) The rise of false Christs, plural.

Revelation 6 contains John’s expanded version of the same teaching, representing the four categories as the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” But in 6:2 the White Horse is the False Christ, singular, the Antichrist, who shows signs and wonders to sell himself as real. I believe one of those acts will be the declaration of an artificial global debt jubilee (as part of the Great Reset) – aping Jesus whose first act of ministry in Luke 4:16-21 was declaring an authentic Jubilee holiday pursuant to biblical law.

I could go on but space constrains compel me to stop here. To summarize this article, by all means, fellow patriots, rejoice at this week’s good news – but “keep your powder dry.”

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