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Justice that arrives like a thunderbolt

As expected, SCOTUS today declared a constitutional right to “gay marriage” by judicial fiat. I haven’t read the ruling and may not ever do so since it really doesn’t matter what its reasoning is. The decision is illegitimate on its … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Last Days Warning about Homosexuality in the Bible

Downloadable PDF of this article: Forgotten Last Days Warning About Homosexuality in the Bible  Summary of this article in brochure form:   NOT just another sin…   A dangerous modern heresy called “gay theology” is infiltrating the Christian church at … Continue reading

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Dan Cathy Takes the Mark of the Beast

That headline is not true.  Dan Cathy of Chick Fil A has not (to my knowledge) taken the Mark of the Beast.  Yet he has done something that suggests he might be willing to take it if faced with that … Continue reading

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“Gay Marriage” as a Sign of the End Times

Originally published September 15, 2011 Harold Camping was wrong about Judgment Day, but he was right that the rise of the homosexual movement is a sign of the end times. We are probably all familiar with the oft-cited fact that … Continue reading

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America and Antichrist

August 13, 2013 Ask the average American Christian what the worst sin is and you’ll get any number of answers, but chances are they will fall in the category of the Second Great Commandment, sins against our fellow man: murder, … Continue reading

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