Ed Buck and Terry Bean: The DNC’s Poster-Boys of Perversion

Some of you will remember that way back in the early 90s I was the Communications Director for Oregon Citizens Alliance and spokesman for Ballot Measure 9, the “No Special Rights Act” of 1992, which was designed to prevent the hard left from gaining civil rights minority status for so-called “sexual orientation.” A version of our bill passed in Colorado that year, and became the basis for the Supreme Court case, Romer v Evans, in which LGBT-apologist Justice Anthony Kennedy taught the left that alleging “hatred” as the motive of legislators could nullify an otherwise slam-dunk political and legal win (launching the now ubiquitous movement-wide “progressive” strategy of labeling all conservative speech and policy objectives “hate-based” : yes, we have Kennedy to thank for that!)

The Oregon version of the No Special Rights Act narrowly failed — in significant part due to LGBT activist and master-fundraiser Terrace Bean, who went on to co-found the world’s largest homosexual lobbying organization Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and more recently shined as one of Barack Obama’s most-loved financial “mega-bundlers,” earning Bean sleep-overs at the Obama White House and rides on Air Force One.

Mr. Bean was indicted back in 2014 or 15 for allegedly gang-raping (along with his boyfriend) a teenage boy in Eugene, Oregon (coincidentally one of the nation’s oldest and most fruitful breeding-grounds for ultra-far-left Antifa fascism). Yet, Bean was able to buy his way out of trouble by publicly offering a $220,000 cash settlement to the victim, who subsequently disappeared, depriving the prosecutor of his most essential witness. The court then, in an unprecedented ruling given the seriousness of the case, dismissed the indictment. (A civil payoff to void a criminal charge is legal in Lane County, but previously unheard of for serious crimes — such is the power of political correctness to bend rules to the breaking point whenever homosexuals are involved in any public matter).

I wrote about Bean’s store-bought travesty of justice at the time and then forgot about it.

Then just a few days ago, another same-sex attracted Democrat mega-donor, Hillary Clinton pal Ed Buck, made the news when a (second) black “sex worker” met his death by drug-overdose in Buck’s infamous den of depravity. I was not the only one to remember Terry Bean in relation to this story and weigh in about it in the comments section of a couple of news sites.

Suddenly, Mr. Bean is back in the news, having been re-indicted on the original charge of raping a teen boy. Ironically, Bean’s lawyer appears to have been as morally-challenged as Bean himself, though tending toward greed rather than lust. Seems she allegedly pocketed the $220,000 payoff due to the boy, and, in consequence, he recently resurfaced and re-connected with the Lane County District Attorney. Perhaps he was reminded of Bean by Mr. Buck’s re-emergence into the media spotlight or perhaps it was the newly emerging scandal about Bean’s lawyer, but fortunately for the boy and the public, the earlier dismissal of Bean’s cased was made “without prejudice” allowing the same charges to be re-filed. The slippery Terry Bean is now back on the hook.

So, we’ll file this one under “divine justice” and hope that this is the first of many examples from the DNC and its Sodom division — both of which richly deserve public exposure of the many illicit victories they have achieved through cheating, patronage, and abuses of power.

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