Scott Lively on the Bush ‘Second Front’ Against Trump

Dr. Lively examines the history of the Bush Clan as “Deep Staters” of the “Purple Uniparty” and predicts that recent political acts by Bush insiders and GW himself portend a major effort by Establishment Republicans over the next few months to unseat Trump in November — a campaign he predicts will fail, but in the process expose many now-hidden Cultural Marxists in the GOP.

I will begin this article by confessing that I was once a strong defender of George W. Bush (43), starting with the national conservative uprising triggered by the “hanging chad” political scandal in the Bush v Gore election of 2000. I participated in a massive gathering of conservatives who descended spontaneously on the California State House in my then home-town of Sacramento like a swarm of angry hornets, as other did in countless cities across America. I’ve since come to recognize that the Bush Clan has always been Deep State, it’s continuing political dynasty representing the top strata of the Red Republican half of the Bush/Clinton/Obama/Romney Purple Uniparty.

I was not surprised, therefore, to see the Bush political war machine recently roll onto the 2020 election battlefield flying the flag of George Soros’ Anti-Trump “Purple Revolution.” In early June, Bush 43 announced his intention not to vote for Trump, and then, as reported by WND in early July, a new Pro-Biden super-pac, “43 Alumni for Biden,” was created by “hundreds of former George w Bush staffers….to ‘unite and mobilize a community of historically Republican voters who are dismayed and disappointed by the damage done to our nation’… ‘not necessarily in full support of [Biden’s] political agenda but rather in full agreement with the urgent need to restore the soul of this nation.’ ” I predict this is just the beginning of a major “second front” in the elites’ war on Trump.

When we talk Deep State, we’re talking about a huge, multi-layered, multi-disciplinary, fully integrated network of Cultural Marxists who share the common religion of Secular Humanism, its’ moral code of “political correctness” (especially regarding sexual morality), and the dogmatic cultural narratives that serve as Scripture for them all. It’s roots go very deep indeed – all the way back to the late 1800s in America – but the most relevant period for this essay begins with the shady career of Deep Stater George HW Bush (41).

Bush 41 was apparently high-level CIA under JFK and LBJ before becoming a pro-abortion Texas GOP Congressman during LBJ administration. Though he denied having been a spook, a declassified FBI memo from J. Edgar Hoover named 41 as the sole CIA representative verbally briefed on November 23, 1963 about JFK’s assassination the day before. There’s always been considerable buzz in conspiracy circles about his (and LBJ’s) possible role in that “regime change.” And, of course, Bush 41 was later tapped in 1976 as CIA Director by Gerald Ford.

I have long argued that “Landslide Lyndon,” America history’s poster boy for election fraud, was the most corrupt president in US history (until Obama). From his infamous and unconstitutional 1954 “Johnson Amendment” banning churches from endorsing political candidates, to his “War on Poverty” agenda that created the federal entitlement system by which Democrats gained a seemingly unbreakable hold on nearly every big city in America, LBJ’s legacy was poisonous. Yet the LBJ Presidential Library features a special tribute to Bush 41, stating in part “The Bush and Johnson families share a long history and friendship, beginning in the 1950s when Lyndon Johnson served in the U.S. Senate with Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush’s father. Although from different political parties, the two men enjoyed a productive working relationship steeped in mutual respect.”

The Bush 41/LBJ “productive working relationship” hinted at a “Purple Uniparty” long before we started color coding the GOP as red and the Dems as blue. The much-heralded Bush 43/Bill Clinton “collegiality” was further evidence. Today, of course, we live in a world where Donald Trump’s paradigm shattering election in 2016 has exposed the Purple Uniparty so fully that Bush 43 has now unashamedly joined the Dems and opened a second front in the war on Trump.

Former MA Governor now Utah Senator Mitt Romney has represented the Bush Dynasty on the battlefield since 2016. He pops up whenever his cheap shots against Trump can get the maximum media coverage, the most recent regarding the Roger Stone commutation. Romney’s protégé, second term MA Governor Charlie Baker (whom I ran against in 2014 and 2018) has also sniped repeatedly at Trump and will likely soon escalate his anti-Tump rhetoric. (To show how cozy they all are, Baker’s purple party predecessor and close Obama buddy, Deval Patrick, transitioned from the MA Governor’s office to a seat on the board at Romney-brand “Bain Capital.”)

Many “Establishment Republicans,” meaning Cultural Marxists who still pretend (to varying degrees) to be Conservatives, have been forced to align with Trump to retain power, but now that Bush 43 has emerged from the shadows under the purple banner, some of them will show their true color as well.

Looking back I am now convinced that Bush 41 intentionally lost to Bill Clinton in ‘92 to fast-track the Marxist agenda, on the understanding that the Bush Clan would get back the baton in 2000. I believe Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney were all Bush Team members tasked with taking a dive in their respective races, and that was the role Jeb Bush was intended to play for Hillary, before Trump upset their apple cart.

Looking forward I think the Bush Team will incrementally bring ALL of its assets to bear against Donald Trump and many people will be shocked at how deep the Deep State goes in the ranks of the GOP – especially among “conservatives.” (Jeff Sessions is not an anomaly.)

I am especially concerned about Texas Governor Greg Abbot, since I believe the Covid 19 “second wave” is central to the Anti-Trump strategy, and the media seems to be setting up Texas to be the New York of the second wave. I’m hoping Abbot is a true constitutionalist, but I know his political ascendency was kick-started by appointment to the Texas Supreme Court in 1995 by then Governor George W. Bush. Time will tell if he is a Bush asset, but even if he isn’t there are many who are, and we’re about to see them step out of the shadows with guns aimed at Trump.

All that having been said, I still think Trump will win in a landslide, and by then, for the first time since the start of the Marxist invasion, we’ll know who most of the Deep Staters are when the second Trump term – the Great American Swamp Draining – begins in earnest. At least that’s my hope and prayer.

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